#39 2018 Blog “i am free… ain’t i?”

“i am free… ain’t i?”

The Law of God is much simpler than the Law of Man, it is this man-made laws that cause so much breath of tragedies that fill the lungs of the world. __ade caparas manilah

hd ade i am free.ain't i?

ahhhh… my intellectual lapses

now… cloudy sight serenades

boxes of apostrophised success

voluptuous darkness eclipses

why the season… the waiting

am i to be confined

to be routined

am i not like the wind

to make my own course?

why am i to embrace

tacit of conventions

my arts my pens my religion

this imposing tutti unisono

is only by man, who wants to play god

not by my true God

who created me free

endowed in my heart

the righteousness He desires!

why do i have to wait for spring

to burst my new blades of green

why can’t i shoot a sensual blossom

if it’s not summer

why must autumn turn me gold

and winter to a wrinkled driftwood

must everything waits for its season

am i a routine machine

i am free… ain’t i?

ade caparas manilah

tuesday 7:55pm  26 june 2018

sydney nsw 

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