#40 2018 Blog “Last Drop Of Tears”

“Last Drop Of Tears”

Are we borne paying for the sins of our forefathers? __ade c.

hd pic sins of our forefathers


forever thrown into the

wilderness of uncertainty

like the wind’s

travel of no return

bitter juices

foist on his throat

allowing no rest

till striven to dust.

night and day he searches


with the same spirit and courage

weariness unheard 

few reaching

monumental mémoires 

some forcefully forget

loads of rock

through festive laughters.

sins of Adam an Eve

a thorn crowned to

generations after generations

all the daring wild experimentations

nor the clinging to the idyllic dreams

would factor tranquility, self-sufficiency 

is man doomed forever

seeking, experimenting, destroying, lying

his staidness  paid by  his last drop pf tears?

ade caparas manilah

wednesday 2:11pm 27 june 2018

sydney nsw australia

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