#41 2018 Blog “Why Was I Created?

“Why Was I Created?

It is still a mystery why mankind is created. _ade c.

ade hd pic 28 june 2018


freshness of winter 

chilling cold chilling cold

my jacket keeps me warm

in my curious mind

i ask you God

your raison- d’etre

having four different season

a parodied test of attitude

in my mode of existence?

tell me Oh God

why was i created?

creating me to your image

yet subjected to as much animosity 

where i to encounter much vents

deep shallow, big and small

and You’re shocked at 

my dawdlers of movement

vexed by one who beats me?

in this life voyage of mine

i pass stages of annoying passion 

i envy greed lust pride 

am i an image of yours

when i am too weak to resist

tortuous deviations and excursions

endless groping straying and offshoot sprouts

vagueness of my future greatness

of what might i be?

i know to attain brilliance

like gold,

i must be tempered with 

alternating fire and hammer


why why why

am i created

for what reason

surely not to replace YOU!

ade caparas manilah

thursday 12:53pm 28 june 2018

sydney nsw australia 

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