#43 2018 Blog “A Pictorial Poetry”

“A Pictorial Poetry”

why, ahhhhhhhhh… my endless whys… why do people, including moi, enjoy the wind the rain the moon the stars the rainbow the sea the mountain, such strings of wonders. __but also man’s creations like biographies novels poetries paintings fashions jewelleries, and most extremely, our ownselves? _ade c.

final hd pic my hair 02 july 2018     ade hd pic 01 july 2018    hd pic sins of our forefathers

i create moi

the physical moi

my supple body 

my skin my hair my lips my nails

reminds me that i’m fresh

it shines glows teases

leaves me in ecstatic mood

feeling voluptuously lovely

makes me love me!

let my hair speaks

let it creates poetry

let it calms moi

it temps moi 

to go out

to meet people

that i may pride

its loveliness

Yessssssss… it’s a pictorial poetry!!!

_ade caparas manilah

monday 2:44pm 02 july 2018

sydney nsw australia

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