#44 2018 Blog “Unconsciousness of the Unconscious”

“Unconsciousness of the Unconscious”

It is the pleasure of text, the overflowing command of words that can make a mountain dances;  makes violent waves to appear like making love to a rocky mount; makes wind to sound like a love song… texts that postulate bliss, rather than a philosophy, a method, a research, a pedagogy. It has a very faint institutional future: its structure assumes nothing…  it is the art of poeticizing a simple sentence, “I have two hands, the left and the right” into  a simulative mysterious  seductive phrases… the Unconsciousness of the Unconscious effectively renders a poet’s work into a level of excellence!__ade c. 

ade draft-1

those lovely days

those misty breaths

those  loving moans

such intoxicating gowns of joy

consumed wrapped me

created in me the empty silence of silence 

pin-pricked, colonized haunted taut-ed 

lacerated my soul and bled me 

to an eternity of deafening shouts.

My ghost pocket traces emotion and passion, dominate, shadow, line, my linguistic field, the truths about my joy happiness pleasure; the joy’s temporal nature; like my daughter takes me out for groceries… the happiness’s ten-seconds of thrill; like getting my doctorate degree… a pleasure’s moment of bliss, that second of only me matters.

all the magical monads

the vagabonds of thought

the pragmatic force

the spontaneous rhetorics

make me a refugee displaced

no conscious illusion prolonged

minutes and seconds compete

like a switch-on motor

the Unconsciousness of the Unconscious.. the UU of me!!!

_ade caparas manilah

friday 1:10pm 06 july 2018

sydney nsw australia

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