#45 2018 Blog “Yet Still I Love 💖U”

“Yet Still I Love U”

If a simple being… a tree, though being stripped of all its green leaves in autumn; chilling the silence of loneness during winter; would gladly and willingly survive till it gets to spring, why can’t i, with all the gifts of intellects, talents, movements, not excel it?…Am i that weakling… that i easily melt drown submerge like a poor rat? Is a being like a tree stronger than i??? __ade c.

HD pic poetographart 2018 1

corner of soundless tears

relentless drops of silent rain

flood my illusion  imagery

i had to acknowledge 

the ‘here’

the ‘no-where’ beyond

the dizzying schism

amongst my peoples.

Yet Still I Love U”

fallen spirits left and right

sights of skin and bone

daggers of hunger

are their food

stench of decaying bodies

cloud my air

my limbs in heavy dis-movement

no one no one in sight

“Yet Still I Love U”


mocking laughters 

the super-hymn

où où où

is your God?

hahahahahahah… U

une creature misérable

tearing my clothes

whipping criticism surrounds

“Yet Still I Love U”

__ade caparas manilah

2018 sydney nsw australia

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