#47 2018 Blog “My Lacerated Soul”

“My Lacerated Soul”

draft pic cover

tumultuous silent drips

the pouring rain shouted a deafening silence 

drew moi to madness

laughing crowds surrounded moi

hour after hour scheduled  trains

left moi behind

a tiny dark corner

i licked i licked

my lacerated soul!

i stare at the grandfather’s clock

a pendulum oscillates 

announcing passing hours

swings me throws me

to the left and to the right 

a cyclone; toying me like a paper doll

leaves moi without rest

gasping drowning…

my bleeding soul!

ahhhh a temptress 

reaches a hand

drops a moment of existence

hypocrisies, treasons, gossips

endless bullies 

rob my moment of peace

i dance to rhythm 

of hallucination

a mirage of lifeless corpse. 

all of my love

my times, my strength, my soul

i give, unmindful of death!

why why why?

i die i die…  i question, why

my tears scream, “where are you”?              

 i pain i hurt i bleed

my lacerated soul… bleeding 

j’ai besoin de toi… i need you!

__ade c.

wednesday 12:15pm 11 july 2018

sydney nsw australia

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