#1 “the provocateur”[series poetry-painting]

The Monster-Man

Now now now, i shift my mind to nature… gardening; talking to flowers birds pebbles stones rocks soils woods… my keyboards are ax shovel sow hammer, nails screws wires ropes, etc.,__ my veins muscles bones actively throbbing pulsating more than my brain, and though my feet hands body are plastered on the ground, my soul thoughts heart, float-like on a high-rise 100 level building, imaging a grandeur view of mankind! How how can  i poeticize paint sculpt a landscape of gnawing anxieties… despairing alienations?  Has mankind reached the point of no return, where their fears are now turning to hate, to satisfy their unbearable tensions? From my imagined  height, i see a sight of an egg twirl conga samba boogie on a boiling pot.



Amazingly, my gnawing spirit has produced the siamese -twin of hypocrisy… the physical beauty of a pergola, side by side with my poetic image of a Monster-Man; hypocrisy of creation!!!

final ade tools

the Monster-Man

a recede of cumulative dishevels… 

spring-rain of tears

summer-heat of famine

autumn-leaf of discontent

winter-virus of floating anger

the new  nature landscape

gnawing anxieties… despairing alienations…

a lovely landscape?



i see your reflection 

ala Shakespearian’s literature

a symbolic consciousness 

yet, you are 

but a man-stroke fire  

whose ashes have not 

the traces of man

you are the Monster-Man!

First Poetry-Painting by Ade Caparas Manilah

wednesday 9:37am 17 October 2018

Lanecove West NSW Sydney Australia

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