#2 “The Provocateur”…[Series Poetry-Painting]

“fetish of perfection”

HD ade imperfectionMy gardening eccentricity of stainless-ness;  picking dropped leaf one after another, sooner than it has fallen, reached its saturation point when Sofie, a new neighbour from Poland, who  has recently moved in a unit next to mine, and  who, in her eagerness to get rid of the muddy soil that thickened  her pathway after a pouring rain, started to shoot a strength of water hose on it… pushing all fallen dried leaves along my new garden wire groyne…  “Please pick up all the leaves before or after you target your water hose,” i said profiling some kind of displeasure.

“Why, it didn’t enter your property,” she curtly replied.

“Pick up the leaves… pick up the leaves,” i shouted back like a piercing cat, uh uh uh… my fetish of perfection obliged my tongue… surfacing my most uncontrolled  attitude. “Where’s your common sense? Don’t you see me meticulously  keep my garden free of unsightly garbage.”


fetish of perfection


poison gas to line a blue sky

with a baton thunderstorm

dropping acid rains!


fetish of perfection

the beauty the delicateness the fragility 

the perfection of a white rose

mirror a character

dirt elevates mankind static and backward.


fetish of perfection

ties to pillow passéistes of attitude

clumsy tone of undiplomatic language

an imperfectly licked ice cream

metamorphosing back and back.


fetish of perfection

yesssss… against non-common sense

a cry,  a remorse occurring  

suddenly naked 

before the eyes of a zigzag  world!

a surreal poetry-painting by: ade caparas manilah

thursday 10.54 am 18 october 2018

Lanecove West NSW Sydney Australia

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