#4 “The Provocateur”…[Series Poetry-Painting]

” a woman’s mystique”

final HD the Provocateur Cover page


sometimes in my solitude, i would ask myself, “what if i had made the other choice? What if i have chosen to be a career woman? __ yet i believe in destiny, whatever however choices i had made, i am certainly destined to encounter the same degree of life in this world.



it’s now midnight my darling

crossroad of my life

confused so confused

am i black or am i blue

is it north or south…  east or west!

nothing nothing is incontrovertible


surely… however whatever

regret is never a choice!

happiness is a choice

but is it enough 

to choose right?

fresh as tulip,

i dreamt to be

a mom of 12 kids, a huge home, a grand piano

but then… 

i was a scholar

groomed for a big career!

well pronto… my first dream opened i have chosen it! But though i survived the thorns and bustles, tears and joys  combined, i still wonder, “what if i had chosen the other path?”


the same routine of struggles 

though in a different angle… 


how is the end-result?

this is the hidden 

woman’s mystique


regret is never a choice! 


an expressionism poetry-painting by:

 __ade caparas manilah

sunday 2:19pm 28 october 2018

Lanecove West NSW Sydney Australia

note: a revised version of “My lips” series 2016 Sydney NSW


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