#5 “The Provocateur”…[Series Poetry-Painting]

“heat and nakedness” (deviates from substance and depth, using my artistic visual definitions)

final HD the Provocateur Cover page

“nakedness is not the bareness of our physical body, rather, it is the honest exposure of our soul and spirit, while, heat is the extremes temperance.” __ade c.


friday 2:09pm sydney 02 november 2018

it is this heat of summer that  makes me love the sight of you, the rolls of sweat that glitter on that tanned porcelain skin, ahhhh… i love you, shaming me to the nakedness of my territorial  sensuality… i lay flat on my white cotton bedsheet, my purpled hair let loose, my half-closed eyes seeing a yesterday landscape when my jewelled toes, got hooked on torn part of the bedsheet… circling, circling my toes around it, such tickling sensation!


how can i feel lonely

hallucinating this romantic fantasy

an erotic intimacy!

live alone… by myself

“don’t you get lonely?”

they would casually ask

‘no’, my immediate answer.

‘my life is on a plateau of joy!’

in intimate connection

with all things that surround me

the ambience of my home

my succulent plants garden

the crystals dining table reflecting my fetishes 

my bedroom, my bubblebath, my pergola, my poetries

set me in intoxicating mood…

the songs of  Charles Aznavour puts me in exotic motion

all these…  set me to my artistic creativeness!

my new neighbour, the grouchy Sofie, who is always snooping around, just passed by with her dog Lester… ruined my daydream bonanza; Zozo started to shout-bark and she snapped back at Zozo, “shut up, you annoying rat”! 


my rejoicing spirit 

gets into whirling tornado

when i catch a glimpse 

of this 62 year old woman

winds tighten its intensity

as if i am trapped in a elevator for 24 hours


discipline  discipline 

my reaction!!!

a cooler breeze suddenly come bursting, hahaha… my lovely neighbour, Sanita, “ade ade, here’s your requested ‘halo-halo” ( a Pilipino desert; sweetened beans, jackfruit, coconut meat, custard, etc. topped with crushed ice, spilled with milk), she shouts at my gate! 


wow wow wow

ahhhhhhhhh… life

the repeat coming ang going of

darkness brightness

birth death

laughters tears

love hate

cold heat

nakedness helps! 


a surreal poetry-painting by: __ ade caparas manilah

Lanecove West NSW Australia

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