#8“The Provocateur”…[Series Poetry-Painting]

(deviates from substance and depth, using my artistic visual definitions)

“My Winter Years”

Now that i am in my winter years… the ethical political mathematical astronomical religious implications of my existential significance__the ludicrousness farcicality of my life, ahhhhhhhhh… my silent aloneness… my years of anguish, my alternating sequences of tears and joy, my continuing  fight for triumph, all these have dominated my thoughts during these last five decades of my 84 years of life, which i must say, were moments of trials and errors; of spiritual doubts and surrender. My love for the ‘existentialism’ of Jean Paul Sartre; the ‘superman’ of Friedrich Nietzsche; the ‘subjectivity consciousness’… that initiatory experience of being ravished by Roland Barthes, made me accept what is; and the ‘empirical moments’ i had with God, developed by the readings of the Holy Scriptures, mounted the faith,  i am so blessed…


final HD ade magnolia 2018

“white steel magnolia”

a strength  seasoned by 

the wild storms and winds

the burning fury heat of summer

the icy chills of winter

the withering falling leafs of autumn


its whiteness unblemished

its skin hardened yet satiny

a symbol of femininity, i am a Magnolia!

I wasn’t born to hate and create enemies, yet i usually find moi in the midst of it; provoked challenged demanded expected!!! __perhaps in my fragile tiny 100 pound-weights, i pronounce such superman bearing, physically mentally emotionally spiritually… i can’t say i am a voluptuous beauty, yet i seem to be like a firefly competing with the stars, i feel – see – know – hear – taste it as a fact!!! And i love it!!! O, i must admit, i am in truth a narcissist!

“the Moon”

she knows:

she’s a beauty

she creates induces:

love romance sex

she’s watched admired desired

she flaunts but unreached

she glitters and hides

she’s unpredictably expected

a woman is a moon!

Five decades of voracious thirsting for the meaning of life— but in my simple mind, though sages philosophers poets musicians painters have created its meaning through their specialized arts… life is music, without the varying pitch and tone: its high and its low, it won’t create a sonata.

“a belly dancer”

she commands her muscles

to her modes and tempos

exposes her most tempting torso

miming the beats of  drum

sways like waves of the sea

her gentle mission

to shimmer beyond good and evil

whispering love songs

belly dancer, the nuance of life!

Life is difficult, because you allow it so, it is hard because you believe it so, you wouldn’t follow the pitch and tone of your music, the bouncing grace of your muscles, your fear of being unliked, disapproved, unwelcome hides your desired happiness.

“be a superman”

let your imagination to a reality

let your moon shimmer

show off your belly dance

sing sing sing your love

be a magnolia

how can you allow

evil sadness overshadow

your nuance of life

be a superman!

expressionistic poetry by: __ade caparas manilah

wednesday 11:30pm  19 december 2018

sydney australia

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