#10“The Provocateur”…[Series Poetry-Painting]


Poetry is the soul of writing, its appeal comes from the existence of disfigured and adulterated thoughts of an artistic mind… a mind that traverses the colossal incalculable unfathomable universe… expressed through the flight of languages, only a poet can silhouette; a poet who finds himself nude in the midst of an iceberg, yet feels the steamy hot springs refreshing his spirit with such immeasurable orgasmic intoxication. Poetry comes in many moods: an intense love that makes the moon hide in its blinding shines; a violent anger that drowns thousands with its dagger alphabets; an obsessed demon that would skull one out of its existence; poetry does not lie… the only created phrase that sends a thousand and one  thoughts.__ade caparas manilah

A Loving Tribute to a departed great poet, Madan Yayati G. Gandhi

award given to madan yayati gandhi by pp

now you’ve gone

leaving your earthy abode

windows of window

play the unspoken words

how much we’d miss you,

your marvellous languages words 

music to our ears…

Philosophique  Poética de-Aanand

loves you, Madan Yayati G Gandhi                                

__ade caparas manilah

Madan Yayati G Gandhi’s latest poem:

“…Poetry opens by blooming heart’s cosmic seed in soul; and merging within om santih santih santih. May we give loving for all, tending nurture of life’s entire garden; singing oneness within beauty’s divine renewable health, strength and vitality. 

Living each moment inside of now – we are love; becoming truly ever loving… A Lover of Life – inside heart and soul.” 


I walk and walk

on a lonely trek

with a sense of zest.

Someday, I will arrive

at celebration of a new earth; 

sans borders, sans sense of ours and others.

The one-earth home to everyone

where people offer open-arm welcome

to everyone who comes with heart of a lover.

Like an open shelf library with rarest books, 

and readers freely browsing through them

sitting in the browsing lounge of kindness.

To wake up in a world free 

of hate and fear; in the here and now, 

not in some distant future. 

Yayati, Madan G Gandhi

Poet Laureate, 


Global Fraternity of Poets 

Dr Jernail S Aanand’s poem in response to Madan Yayati G Gandhi’s poem


By Dr Jernail S Aanand

Here is a part of the everywhere.

A soft border visible to the eye. 

How man loved the bordered village 

with a passion so high 

Held hard to his ground.

Swelled his margins all around.

Wanted all to admire

The wild and the fire.

On bare bones was fitted 

A case of flesh.

Blood ran in the veins

All looked so fresh.

Death of the here

Is a moment of celebration.

When here and everywhere

In a seamless union 

come together.


Posted by:

__ade caparas manilah

sunday 9:49pm 27 january 2019

sydney nsw australia

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