#11 “The Provocateur”…[Series Poetry-Painting]

#11 “The Provocateur”…[Series Poetry-Painting]

(deviates from substance and depth, using my artistic visual definitions)

how free am i?

hd ade dated


“i am a poet, an imperious artist, quasi-infantile from my crib… with capable imagination of magical act to pen the object of mine thought: unbothered about distance, about darkness; taking  possession of mine desire.” _ade caparas manilah

i am a leaf

flown in existence 

in the midst of the world

a being in alienation 

with that of the others

trailing my meanings 

marking my limits

am i free then?

how free?

i create a lovely paradise, a purplish blue rainbow where in my relax breathe, i romance with the green foliages and the seductive lips of dancing flowers…re-enacting the then: 

a candle-lit dine

stares entwine

our love in the afternoon. (haiku 5/3/7)

yes, i, a poet free in my thoughts, in my pen, yet my body is still in possession of others… they hold secrets about me__ of who what why i am as they  would please… this consciousness of possessing me. 

they… who stole my being

find me “that i am”

that consciousness of

possessing me

making me nevertheless responsible

for the consciousness 

which is my being

i am not free

a prisoner of worlds consciousness.


a selfie-portrait in poetry by __ade caparas manilah

thursday 10:46am 31 january 2019

sydney nsw australia

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