#12 “The Provocateur”…[Series Poetry-Painting] Truth is Death

#12 “The Provocateur”…[Series Poetry-Painting]

(deviates from substance and depth, using my artistic visual definitions)

 Truth is Death

“the world, a weepy-willow tree, infinite in its droops a dangled chain… clusters of meaningless beings, born to live in the peals of distress and pages of helplessness… ahhhhhhhhh, INDIO, you agree not but asserted nothing! __ade caparas manilah

ade hd truth of existence


the truth exist:

i breathe

flowers trees birds houses books rains thunders lightnings




all things surrounding;

my passion my hunger my pain

ahhhh, the world is true

bubbling leaking themselves

as true 

sometimes as false!

but am i true?

you ask, “how are you?”

i reply, “fine, thanks!”

when  the truth is: 

i ache!

i am a weepy-willow… lacerated bleeding

but foolish, who acts not

waiting waiting ‘manna’ from heaven.


the ‘manna’ fails to fall from heaven

i need to climb up a mango tree

hold that fruity juicy mango

i act to have… 

the truth of existence 

my being is pronounced

surges in reality

i taste the fruity juicy mango!

my smile 

an appearance 

simulates  joy 



the falsity of joy is

i ache

reality of my being

truth identifies my being.

Assertiveness leads to the reality of my being, i.e. grabbing surging bubbling dancing singing writing… which is an actuality of appearances yet my consciousness is that of an infinite image of a weepy-willow; the truth… the revelation of may existence is ‘Death’.

a surreal  prose and poetry by: __ade caparas manilah

saturday 5:57pm 02 february 2019

Sydney nsw australia

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