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 O lovely scent!  O petals!              

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Silent… how silent the Wind


like a passing  wind

she is an enigma, 

a puzzle a conundrum… 

a tear, a smile, a lapiz lazulli, 

a few facts…

a thunderous lightning

a horse power of courage

her voice wanders 

shrilling whispering 

in the silence of her being.


 I shall feature les femmes Internationale literaturnus… poetries of their own country’s beautiful language, then I shall try to  translate the poem’s soul, heart, and spirit in the most sensual ecstatic intoxicating English Language… not literally, not word for word, but in words that languaged the thoughts. I call it Perceptive Translations!!! Then I shall create an impressionistic portrait  of the featured poetician.

__ade caparas manilah sydney nsw australia 25 april 2019



Email Address: gmanilah@yahoo.com



Featured Poet:

Myriam Ghezail Ben Brahim  

draft -3 myriam      “I began writing when I was 14 years old… I was then with a music group, when I stumbled, got hooked by a very interesting French poetry book, my song turn into a poetry__my poetry into a song!” Loneliness, a tear drop, death, injustice, the sunset adieu, animal and nature cruelty  are mostly the thematic sensuality  of her thoughts. She is much fascinated with writings  and poetries of Alfonse de Lamartine, “I couldn’t sleep without reading one of his poems every night.”

    “I write in French… its every word is so sensually descriptive and romantic.  I have no specific style of writing and no special form either; I feel my wings when I write as I want; no rules… all freedom! “ It is the least of her concern how readers would receive her writings, it’s the satisfaction she feels upon completing her created poem. “It’s mine, my story, my pains.” But of course, she feels so inspired and motivated when readers give their comments: good and constructive criticism. She believes it’s not proper to correct anyone’s poem nor render a bad comment__ because that is their soul put into words versing a language.

     Myriam Ghezail Ben Brahim was born and resides in Tunis and the mother of a son, 14age and a daughter, 11 age. A world traveller, and lived in Senegal for 3 years during her youth, where people are naturally in smiles: taking life as it comes, sans dramas and complications. 

    “I think that we should live each day like it will be the last.”

French Poetry by;  Myriam Ghezail Ben Brahim   


Pouvoir tranquillement écrire,

Écrire pour le plaisir,

Le plaisir des mots,

Des mots pour effacer,

Effacer les vilains maux,

Maux qui vont blesser,

Blesser l’âme et l’esprit,

L’esprit qui va suivre,

Suivre des routes à l’infini,

L’infini pour vivre,

Vivre avec son cœur,

Son cœur, tel un navire,

Un navire qui va poursuivre,

Poursuivre le bonheur,

Le bonheur à donner,

À donner et à partager,

Partager avec de la bonté,

De la bonté et de l’attention,

De l’attention et de l’affection,

De l’affection sans l’horizon,

L’horizon qui peut bloquer,

Toute merveilleuse sensation,

Sensation d’être enchanté,

Enchanté de pouvoir sereinement penser,

Penser pour mieux se libérer,

Se libérer des fausses idées,

Idées qui doivent être nouvelles,

Nouvelles et être belles,

Belles comme les lettres,

Lettres que manipule le poète,

Le poète comme un doux esthète,

Un doux esthète, à l’intérieur de son être,

Son être est plein d’amour,

D’amour et de douceur,

Douceur de l’instant,

L’instant unique et présent,

Présent avec ardeur,

Ardeur pour toujours,

Toujours donner du plaisir,

Du plaisir à savourer,

Savourer et chérir,

Chérir cette humanité,

Cette humanité qui doit se réveiller,

Se réveiller pour mieux sourire,

Sourire pour mieux se réunir

Se réunir pour mieux s’aim.


Perceptive Translation:

 (as translated by: ade caparas manilah  based on the literal English translation)… in translating a poem from an original language copy,  one has to get almost into a trance to be able to experience the soul of the poem__ because  a word for word translation, spoils the ecstatic sensuality of what the poet is signifying.


in silence… 

i write… 

the depth of words

my joy my desire

that come and go

lacerations  bleeding

my soul my spirit

leads me… 

to life of infinity.

my  heart sails

O! __sailing like a ship

pursuing  happiness

sharing giving taking

kindness attention affection

no nothing can block

my wonderful feeling

my feeling of enchantment

my calm thoughts.

i free my being

detached from falsehood

birthing new thoughts

beautiful words 

turn to 

the Ecstasy of Language

moments… moments of

love sweetness ardour

to savour cherish care.

to dream of humanity

as a nest of love

that wakes up 

in music in poetry

O! __yes 

one day

with a smile

and shouting laughters

Utopia!!! by: __ade c.


French Poetry by;  Myriam Ghezail Ben Brahim   

2  “Une larme”

C’est une goutte d’eau 

Qui ne vient pas d’un ruisseau 

Elle coule du coin des yeux 

Fait toujours ce qu’elle veut 

Elle roule sur la joue 

On l’enlève d’un geste doux 

Elle tombe, une autre suit 

Cela peut durer à l’infini 

Une larme de bonheur 

Celle qui touche le coeur 

Qui procure cette chaleur 

Et nous donne sa douceur 

Une larme de douleur 

Celle qui parle du malheur 

Qui apporte tous ces pleurs 

Que l’on essuie avec pudeur 

Une larme de velours 

Douce comme l’amour 

Une larme de satin 

Qui brille sans fin 

Elle a ce goût salé 

Celui des grandes marées 

On ne peut jamais décider 

Quand cela va s’arrêter…

by: Myriam Ghezail Ben Brahim


Perceptive Translation:

 (as translated by: ade caparas manilah based on the literal English translation)… in translating a poem from an original language copy,one has to get almost into a trance to be able to experience the soul of the poem__ becausea word for word translation, spoils the ecstatic sensuality of what the poet is signifying.

2“A Tear”  (“Une larme”)

a drop of water

not from a stream

but from the corner of my eyes…

pearl rolls down on my cheeks

a gentle  pat to dry it.

one after the other

it comes it flows endlessly;

a tear of joy 

touches my heart 

with sweetness.

a tear of pain

speaks of misfortune

sadness brings 

these tears

i wipe with modesty

a tear of velvet

sweet as love

a tear of satin

shines endlessly

a salty taste.

the high tides of stream

come came come

when will it stop?

i wander i wander

it keeps coming!!!  by: __ade c.




President/ Founder: Philosophique Poética



 It is really great to welcome sweet poetry of soul from Tunisia….The poet……Expresses herself with felicity and touches themes which connect her to the immortal realms of life. It is right she writes poetry as it comes to her. That is real poetry. And Ade Caparas Manila’s Perceptive Translation is also a soulful touching of hearts. TEARS are a wonderful poem. It shows how she handles her poetic impulse. I congratulate the Tunisian poet and also admire  Ade Caparas Manilah ‘s highly  involved poetic yearnings. I am sure she will introduce more posts who are at the beginning of their poetic career.__JSA India


Critical Analysis:

Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil

Kristu Jyoti College of Management and Technology

Director: Philosophique Poética


 Myriam Ghezail Ben Brahim ji, Two of your poems titled “Power to Love” and “A Tear” explore the inner turbulences experienced by an individual of aesthetic sensibility and sensitivity.The poem entitled “Power to Love” does dwell upon the concept of love in a substantial manner in which all its strands are dealt with adequately and aptly.This love is not a love of smooth nature rather it commences within the domain of emotional vibrancy but it encounters so many turmoils before it reaches that utopian shore of full-fledged happiness.The concept of love projected here comes across ups and downs and ebbs and flows and it also faces hiccups and glitches.The interior self is ploughed up by the impact of this love but there is an underlying joy born out of this feeling of love. Although, this love can’t be termed as bliss so present, even then it does have its own positives and negatives. At the end, the pristine nature of love is comprehended and life is bathed in its glory.

The other poem entitled “A Tear” delves into the psychological side of a tear and the deep-rooted trauma it evokes out of the individual in question here in the poem.The mental self is outraged, the emotion is swelled, the thoughts are preoccupied, the memories are perused and the life gets into that trajectory of agony, from such sentiments or feelings, a drop of tear is brought forth drenching the self from head to foot and in that process, the entire self is purged, purified and cleansed from top to bottom. A catharsis ramification, the self undergoes through this shedding of a tear. So, the power of a tear is overwhelming and formidable for the body and soul to regain their lost innocence. Kudos to you for composing such wonderful and marvellous poems of transformative pedigree.

Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil.

All Copyrights Reserved@

On 26th April 2019.



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