“A Woman of Essence” Zana Coven

“A Woman of Essence”

une fleur y l’essence                              

HD zana final 2 


Zana Coven 

a poet a musician a linguist an artist

a dainty fragile crystal 




connotes “quick alert” 

an essence symbol

an eagle woman…

the “unstoppable” faith in herself


“Unstoppable” [ philosophical definition]

imagine  an image of a sax player at the height of an orgasmic unprecedented scale; two lovers arriving at a plateau of no return, where no violent winds nor rains nor swirling tornadoes can ever deter them. __ade c.


      A being is inside her essence, pas l’ essence inside her being, waiting to be switch on, to be nurtured, cared to be savoured, a paragenesis discovered__and once discovered, the unlimitedness  is unstoppable… a haemorrhaging laceration bleeding till the breath is gone… to be circling rounding again a cul de sac, tracing same routes, in another unstoppable plight, in the same  intoxicating sensual percussion of pouring sweats…

zana essence symbol woe 2019Zana, a name of Greek Hebrew origin, was born in Yugoslavia during the era of marshal Tito, when everyone could access the free acquisition of education in the knowledge of arts and science and language, exacting  a very minimal fees. Yugoslavia, former federated country that existed in the west-central part of the Balkan Peninsula from 1929 until 2003, consists of six independent countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia, now is non-existence.

       Zana, the little toddler mural-led  her home walls; at 8 years old, she thrilled her family with expressive hymns of saxophone and clarinet; and never a second without her parrot talks.

     Encouraged by all the appreciations and anchors   accorded  her  by her immediate families, more especially her Mom and Dad… she stood  up into a woman of multi-varied exceptional abilities in music, painting, literature and languages.

     The eagle woman  made sure she gets what she wants. “Everything i need to know is already within me…  all i need is to trust myself and act.”

asked about LOVE… 

She thinks Life starts with Love, exits grows flourishes on love and because of love, “we gain strength in health beauty intelligence that settles us in subliminal Peace.”   The loves her parents have accorded her, inspired her in finalising all her dreams and goals…  completely undisturbed by any outside senses__ “Today I am fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, Croat, Serbian, Bosnian ( the last 3 are languages of ex Yugoslavia). I write my poetries, short stories and travel books in all of these languages; i am in my utopic world of existence.”

asked about her roots:

     “My mother was more practical, she taught me, to respect rules, not break them; be persistent, sincere, confident, serious in every endeavour; finish what i start;  daydreaming is a waste of time;  respect others to be respected; be organized; persevere… while  my Dad led me to all my artistic inclinations.”

asked about her “sigh of smile”

     “I  have tried to impart to my son the same encouragements  i  have gotten from parents; i motivate his ways of expressions that would  lead him to find ‘his place under the sun’__ today, he is a young pianist, violinist and dentist and speaking many languages.”

asked her philosophical quote:

     “I can not control the external world but I can try to control my own inner world…  whatever is in front of me, i accept flex live it with outmost joy and comfort… i am my own happiness!”

poem 1 [in her language]        

Sama sa sobom

Tek kad prestaneš da tražiš 

I okreneš se sebi 

Shvatit ćeš da sve imaš

I svo je znanje u tebi

Tek kad prestaneš da lutas

I u glupostima tražiš mir

Bit će ti potpuno jasno

da je u tebi vir

Zato je vrijeme baš

Da staneš malo i dahnes

I sebe da sebi daš

Jer inače ces da sahnes.

Z. C. 1982


poem 1  [her submitted English translation]

Alone with myself

Only when you stop to look for

And you turn to yourself

You will realize that you have all

And that all knowledge is inside you

Only when you stop to wander

And in thrifty things look for peace

It will be clear to you

That the spring is in you

So it is the high time

To stop and take a breath

To give you to yourself

Or you will ruin inside 

Z. C.

works of Zana Coven

1910192_22965535670_5797_n      1-3  1-2  unnamed

FB_IMG_1558165600380                  FB_IMG_1558165549490


 poem [perceptive translation by ade caparas manilah]

ade hd woe perceptive poetry 2019

Alone With Myself

knowing i knowing me

as i stop to  listen

the inner me the inner i

is  i within me.

i walk, walk and wander

seek searching 

the sun the moon the stars 

O ! whiles of spring is mine

feel my breath my heart beats

look at me

i am the me

or i shall miss the am.



Dr Jernail S Aanand

philosophique poética 

President/ Founder Poet/Philosopher


jernail s aanand

(to follow)





critical analysis

Prof.  Cijo Joseph Chennelil

Director philosophique poética

Critic Author Poet



(to follow)

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