“a Woman of Essence”-Jyotirmaya Thakur

“a Woman of Essence”Jyotirmaya Thakur

 “i am devoured… i rosed above myself.”


equanimity [philosophical definition] a self-restraint calmness composure

as i am carried by a violent turbulent  sea monster,

drowning can not win over me me! __ade c.

“I developed a stoic attitude and brought equanimity to my existence. I observe the world of suffering which gave a fulfilling purpose to my life. An attitude of ‘equanimity’; calmly accepting the negative aspects of life as a natural occurrence, which  touches everyone and everything periodically, and leads to a meditative state. I look retrospectively at my life and introspectively at myself, as to what is wrong with my surroundings; truthful assessment of myself; which provides guidance as to what in my character needs adjustment. “

     Jyotirmaya  Thakur  married at the 18age to a scientist in London UK… finds herself lost in the modern world of abundance and modern facilities of London UK.

HD final fragile jyotirmaa WOE 2019

She hails from a remote village in Bihar, where the roads during the rainy season is flooded and the villages are cut off from even the basic amenities of life for months… and coming from a conservative society, she learns the remarkable beauty of ‘silence and listen’, combs every word she hears,  more especially in her origin country, India, where a girl at a very tender age is taught to overcome any prejudices  (subjective) by being self-detached; as a neglect, be subservient; a normal phenomenon for girls as a daughter, wife, mother, and even as a grandmother.  

     In Uk, she took a postgraduate certificate of teaching English at Central London Polytechnic thence her world started for a positive direction without inhibition. “Peace within is not an easy process,” she says,“love, hope, gratitude, compassion, magnanimity, humility, honour, joy, cordiality, friendliness, dignity, humour and other positive personal characteristics can’t easily change the world by themselves, rather it is to understand the why the how the when the whatever is beneficial to me in relation with the whole of humanity.”

HD final jyotirmaya w:horse WOE 2019


progress is impossible without any change 

change in life comes from inside

strength is in calmness and in clarity of mind

put the negative aside without reacting in the storm

win in calmness, in consciousness, in balance 

be like a tree full of fruits 

bowing humbly

when people throw stones ,

i oblige with fruits.


the opposite of anger is ‘to be calm in empathy

avoid all haste for patience is virtuous

calm mind adorns self-esteem and confidence

nothing gives a person more advantage than  always being cool 

calmness is cradle of power to be unruffled in all circumstances,

nothing is so serene than being cool as a pool   

don’t be a drama queen and avoid melodramas

life is full of strife and ups and downs

nothing lasts forever not even stormy days.

be at peace with yourself and let evil deal it’s rage

stay out of conflicts… be like a duck

calm on  the surface but paddling underneath    

stand your ground, be firm on your feet

Master your thoughts and never accept defeat

it is the strong mind that finds its way through

a thousand challenge of storms of difficulties

the day you let go of things that weigh you down

You will shine like the Sun silently on adversities.    

Jyotirmaya Thakur Copyright 

Asked when how why have you felt that feeling of ‘being self-detached’?

     “My knowledge, my love for less privileged, my energy of healing and my  inspiration poetry collections in books – Symphony of Peace , Melody of Love ,Rosary of Rhymes, Silhouettes of Love, Sojourn of the Soul & Canvas of the Soul, contain the message of faith , hope with compassion and empathy.  My book ‘ Rhymes Of Reality ‘, Feminine Portraits ‘ & ‘Spectrums Of Reality ‘ are about the suffering of humankind at large, showing a mirror to the society that gives me a ‘sigh of smile’ for raising my voice for the voiceless.”

   Asked what gifted talents that give her that ‘sigh of smile’ …of feeling complete…

    “ I have worked as councillor at many  charitable organizations in India and UK such as dealing with patients suffering from strokes; a school for girls in my maternal village; an NGO for widows and abandoned women;  and on drug addicted people… all these have had my hands full of satisfying and fruitful endeavours. I got connected to  Brainworks ASBISG. org. Neurological Impairments, a non profit support for caregivers, after my husband suffered three mini strokes in 2012. I thought of nothing about me, my body becomes one with them.”

Asked what how when why is LIFE LOVE PEACE…

    “This subject matter is diverse, examining humanity at an individual and societal level, with an aim of providing a template for a positive mode of human existence. Poetry is seen as having a role in this positive transformation, it permeates all society in many forms; a social force that is capable of crossing borders, putting ideas and people together in a memorable way. There is  magic in poetry that allows the genius of word ‘painters’ to illustrate the world and create. Creativity is a source of innovation, enthusiasm, experimentation and confidence, gift of talents, cycling in immense fun;  positivity and negativity  as a nature of life I learn to accept adjust with such humour and joy.

jyortiramaya WOE 2019


Faith in humanity is only solution,

When hatred shall meet annihilation,

Divisions of diversity is only illusion,

Renew our values of true definition,

Celestial bonds of trust in celebration.


Let us hope for salvation of grace,

Divine being resides in every face,

Pristine protector of soil in trace,     

Sky’s the limit of human in race,

A region beyond religion we gaze.


Let us completely surrender to love,

in a world of terror, hatred and bombs,   

Mind is full of fear in terror of crime,

But believe in life, hope and grace,

Love can be solution to a world sublime.


Let’s nurture peace with care.

Embrace all religion ,creed and race,       

Forget the differences of diversity,

Accept universal connection of entity,

Unconditional gift of peaceful harmony.


Bliss is a divine blessing of Almighty,

It is the joy of souls in unity,       

Exuberance of eternal existence,

When world is full of love infinite,

Peace will be restored in blissful rhymes.

__Jyotirmaya Thakur©®..

Asked to  poetise her philosophical thoughts:


A Reflection of inner being 

Moment to moment we move within 

Loving people attract loving beings,

Spiritual energy increases without resistance

The truth takes us closer to divine self,

 Hurting others is hurting yourself,

all are one and became many souls.

The oneness of all… WE ARE ONE.

__Jyotirmaya Thakur, copyright .

perceptive translation :

ade caparas manilah

ade hd woe perceptive poetry 2019

 *author poet designer artist 

*dotism journal producer *philosophique poética  Co-Founder



my being is in it

i control 

its reflection

my soul decides

my body feels

my spirit images

in all  my actions 

my essence outbursts

fortitude equanimity continance.


Dr Jernail S Aanand

philosophique poética  President/ Founder Poet/Philosophe


[To follow on final issues]


critical analysis

Prof.  Cijo Joseph Chennelil

Director philosophique poética Critic Author Poet


[To follow on final issues]

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