“a Woman of Essence”-Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo


uttering words for a little child is like a song…

for an old woman, it is a  mumbling whisper…

to a poet, it is  a magic word to grind, to spin, to roll

words of pleasurable composition, an obscurantism  of poetry.

HD final elizabeth E Castillo WOE 2019


Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo, a writer a poet an editor, a reviewer, a humanitarian… a woman of utterance… a Filipina.

It was twilight time, a day before her birthday… a little girl of 4age, her elbows rest on a window pane  while  her hands support her cutie chins, her big rounded eyes focus at a cadena de amor vining blooms… her thoughts feasting on words upon words she herself hadn’t the idea what it was about. 

“Elizabeth,” her mom called, “dinner time, i cooked your favourite dish anak (connotes a loving tender address, my child in Pilipino language)!  The then collapsed to now…today soon, she’ll be 46age, those words, she remembers…  the uttering words of today’s reality. 

The Phantom’s Shadow

Through the dark night on a starless and pale moonlight

He lurks from behind, nowhere to go to

Just wandering the streets, hiding from the crowd

His sullen face masked

But beyond that scarred countenance is a dark past

That continues to haunt him down.

He may be aloof, be misunderstood by silly, shallow people

Deep down he has a gentle heart

Yet hardened by great blows he has yet to forget.

In each one of us is the phantom’s shadow

Longing for more than just empathy

We struggle so much to find our niche in this judgemental world

To be embraced by all despite our frailties, shortcomings and flaws.

Why can’t the world just leave him alone

And erase the stigma of him being different from the rest, an outcast?

Give him space to breathe, to live peacefully, have his share and prove his worth?


Through the dark alleys, there is where he hides

Hoping his day would finally come and can break free from the chains

Like any one of us all he wishes for is to find true happiness

And all he’s asking from strangers is a little kindness

Everyone of us long to be accepted for who we are

To fit in the crowd and not be left out

How do we bring forth peace in this world

When all we do is throw stones at each other instead of living harmoniously?

Elizabeth E. Castillo © 2010

Elizabeth is the eldest child of Roberto N. Castillo (deceased) and Elisa Castillo, a religious woman, head of the Adoration Chapel at the Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage.  She was born on August 19, 1973… composed poetry during her elementary days… enhanced further when Reuel Vidal became her mentor. Her writing skills exploded to brilliant gems when she became a news reporter in Antipolo Post and later, a news correspondent in Antipolo Star… winning an international competition organized by Barry Mowles’ Destiny to Write Publications based in UK, last December 12, 2012,  she won a free publication of her first international poetry book “Seasons of Emotions”.

asked about LIFE LOVE PEACE

Life is the greatest gift from the Almighty, his love for mankind… our borrowed life, we must live fully meaningful, inspiring, enriching with a purpose. It is a spiral, with continuum, infinite, without boundaries as it goes on and ceases to decease long after the physical body breathes no more for our soul is immortal, eternal.”

Love is a life-giving force-the ultimate reason why we exist. It keeps the world revolving, transforms, and heals. Love is freely given and not to be begged for. Some conceive that love is elusive but Paulo Coelho in his book “Manuscript Found in Accra” wrote that in order to hear love’s words, one must allow love to approach.

Peace is a state of being, originates within our core. Peace can only be attained by embracing our inner sparkle, our destined harmony in the Universe.” Elizabeth believes the Universal Power of Love and Mighty Words as greatest catalysts for World Peace.

Her parents raised her and her siblings with a deep sense of faith in God. Her love for words, she got from her late father, Roberto Natividad Castillo, for he is a frustrated journalist and loved to read books and compose poetry. “I got my strong personality on the other hand from my beautiful, loving, and very supportive mother, Elisa Esguerra Castillo.

criminal-liability_2019-05-20_23-09-43 But despite the many achievements and awards she had received, her dreams of  helping humanity has soared more and came to realisation  when she was appointed as the Regional Coordinator of Asia for the United World Movement for Children (UWMC), a humanitarian organization safeguarding children’s rights across the globe. 

elizabeth esguerra castillo final wup

 She considers herself a Fearless Wordsmith while others know her to be a Spiritual Poet and a Love Poet.

Written In the Stars (Inspired by the movie “Winter’s Tale)

They say for each person

There is a certain Miracle from within

And you are meant to be just for one person

As time draws to a close to meeting the One,

The Universe and your Spirit Guides are on your side

To help you fulfill your One True Destiny.

It’s written in the stars

And before you know it, I am coming to hold your hand

You may not know now but soon you’ll get it somehow

I may have bumped into you along life’s journey,

But you were too preoccupied with your own story

That you didn’t notice me passing you by.

If in this life, we have to say goodbye

As my soul reincarnates, I’ll meet you again in the next,

When our eyes lock as we cross our paths once more

You will know in your heart that it was me – your Destiny,

Just look at the stars on a beautiful night such as this

And know that the time is near to feel eternal bliss.

It’s written in the stars

For even when True Love is lost,

Your soul will bleed for a meaning in your life

But though the inevitable happens, searching for your One True Destiny remains

If we are yet to discover our One True Miracle,

Even time may defeat itself in order for you to see me in another lifetime.

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo Copyright May 31, 2014 Philippines

perceive translation

ade caparas manilah

ade hd woe perceptive poetry 2019




Written In The Stars

insistently your desire in me

comes like a shooting star

where, now i see, now i don’t

and my feet fly here and there

tracking routes 

by cars by trains by boats by plane

creating my Utopia

crying my own Niagara Falls

and there you UTTER, “I AM”.

ade caparas manilah

27 may 2019 sydney nsw australia


Dr Jernail S Aanand

philosophique poética  President/ Founder Poet/Philosopher




[To follow on final issues]




critical analysis

Prof.  Cijo Joseph Chennelil

Director philosophique poética Critic Author Poet



(To follow on final issues)

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