“a Woman of Essence” Leena Rajan


determined to reach  the meaning of existence, 

acquire knowledge and reason, 

discover philosophy of mind, of language, 

to find  God.

determinabilis, synonymous  with LIBERTY? or POWER? i am furious at someone who i felt was trying to embarrass me on public press, i wish to punch him on the face, but i don’t have that  liberty, because that could land me to jail… but would i have the power to punch him? __ definitely if i am determined, i can punch him, that is power.

leena HD final WOE 2019

 Leena Rajana painter, an artist, a dancer, a poet, a wife, a mother… a godly woman… a power! throughout her existence carries that determinabilis, the power!  Her streaks of talent are from her Dad’s DNA, who besides being an engineer excelled in all  athletic wind directions. Leena, at age 5 was a dancer to the great amusements of her family and friends and at age 10, she was into music, a darling at all fields__topping wherever/whatever she endeavoured to include biology drawings for her teacher.

     One of her weapons, restraint of complaints… existed in her shell of power, her mind as weightless and empty as a flute at euphonic level tous les temps, sighing with a smile __ suffocating and depressing atmospheres were some kind of desert, she  threw away. ’Lord’s invocation through out, “Shrimad Bhagavadam” is to lift ourselves and I could escape from all youthful desires and cravings, to include travels.”

    Though marriage piqued all her youthful desires to a simple home caring: strings of kitchen vermicelli, piety, bed, music, violin, car driving, crochet, embroidery, sewing, painting, poetry and giving-in to in-laws rules, submit to a husband’s demand, made her main assigned goal; to care for their only son, yet her determinabilis character, filled with enthusiasm, with the thirst for music, arts, study of philosophy, psychology, teaching, still won for her all her degrees and postgraduate degrees after marriage, while performing her duty as a mother and wife and as an in-law, “I practiced enforced  myself to empty  my mind of anger, hatred, jealousy, grudge, ego, all rhythm  of negativities… embracing each and every moment with love, like singing or listening to a song in ecstatic repertoire without discord.”

two of her paintings


she poetises her philosophical thoughts:

My deeds are for sole intrinsic pleasures::

Banyan tree with its innumerable, Branches, and width does startle,

But haven’t we doubted, how can it, Be supported to exist ?

Gradually, tendril- like structures, Growing from its branches,

That extend, to earth, we see,

To develop a strong hold on earth.

To be formed as roots., To be gradually strong as, Trunk itself, supporting, The tree, wildly, spread.

Selfless helps ours, to others, Support us without our knowledge, Supporting just like those roots , Soulfully we need to live only,

Deeds ours in daily life, Determine bliss ours of life.

Leena Rajan©,

All copyrights reserved, 14 – 5 – 2019.

Poem 1          My love ... 

Oh! Beloved, my hale and hearty dream

A sagely simple girl’s desire and dream 

How I can show my joy and solacing dream 

My love lofty, to merge with you in dream

With my fingers sacred skilled in garlanding, 

Fragrant flowers for Almighty and saluting 

How can I write a letter of love, gorgeous

And fiddle a love song fairly joyous

My tongue, trained only for divinity’s chanting 

How I can use to make an amorous singing 

My legs knowing paths soully  to Temple

How can I use to dance passionately graceful.

Cupid’s arrows why you directed cunningly to me 

With concealed secret embraces gleefully to me 

Of loving each day of appreciating wonders

To love and be loved with emoting eminence 

Oh! Sweet heart, of joy gallantly rapturous

Oh! My Signet ring gifter of purity glorious

When do you come again with sweet notes splendorous 

And unforgettable mirth of flourishing elegance.

Leena Rajan©,

All copyrights reserved, 14 – 5 – 2019.


Poem 2.       Soul’s Grief:::

Dreaming, he will come,

During full-moon of spring time, 

Delightful in night in calm,

Duly focussed on door of home.

Spring has already come

Snow moon already has come 

Saving, he alone has not come, 

Still she waits for him to come.

One footsteps nearby if heard, 

Outside home in the road, 

Hiding tears and unfaded, 

Hankering, she ran ahead.

Some knocking if heard, 

Supposing him to be around 

Soundless she waited behind, 

Surprisingly for door to be opened.

None has yet arrived,

None has yet realised, What her soul’s grief is; 

yet, Waits she for sweet past.

Leena Rajan©

All copyrights reserved. 14..5…2019.

Poem 3   Blooming Blossom:::

Oh dazzling, dancing, blossom, the queen, of 

Nature Verdant tendril reared fragrant flower

Cradled by gentle breeze in foliage tender

With lullaby of rustling leaves’ soothing murmur.

Swinging and nodding at dawn to the songs of birds 

Gaming with the youngster siblings the buds

In milky soothing moonshine, your bath

Learning glimmering star’s universal truth

Enter you the glowing stage of Joyous youth.

With blushes and glow became you an epitome of purity, 

Crazily revolved butterflies around your simple soft beauty, 

All, even sages gazed at your beauty opulent

Buzzing bees intoxicated by your honey pleasant

But alas, plunging each in deep despair

To the earth slowly with Grace did you retire

Inconstancy indubitable of the universe, a lesson taught so eternal 

Sad young playmates the buds wailed powerful

That they also will follow suit that’s foreseeable.

Baby spiders slowly gave you a silky pall lovingly 

Dew drops a lustrous wreath so reverently 

Proclaimed you before merging with the soil 

Memories of anyone’s worth alone are immortal 

Exhorting good deeds while alive of any mortal.

Leena Rajan©,

All copyrights reserved, 14 – 5 – 2019.

perceptive translation      

poem 1                                            My love … 

ade caparas manilah

dotism founder *philosophique poética  Co- Founder  * designer artist poet

ade hd woe perceptive poetry 2019

                                           i sing to you of love

i praise your presence with love

i dance for you in love

i am a multi-petaled blossoms

in the purity of white essence

i bloom on your showering mists

i thirst for your lips

the touch of your hands

O my Lord of Lords, my King of Kings!

__ade caparas manilah

wednesday 2:47pm 29 may 2019

sydney nsw australia



Dr Jernail S Aanand

philosophique poética  President/ Founder Poet/Philosopher



[To follow on final issues]





critical analysis

Prof.  Cijo Joseph Chennelil

Director philosophique poética Critic Author Poet




[To follow on final issues]

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