“a Woman of Essence”-Hela Tekali


crushed in spirit, torn and feeling helpless, a cone of ice cream dropped from a child’s hand__ no way to have it back… for it had melted with the sand… a lover, who, i now watch marching the aisle with his newly gotten bride… a winning lottery ticket which i accidentally have thrown in the bin! 

Hela Tekali asserts, “…….we are only conscious of our Ego and unconscious of our Higher Self…the Ego blotting out our true vision…….”

    hela tekali-2018Hela Tekali, a spiritual poetess, born in Notre Dame, Tunis, married and have three girls__a Sunni, a  Muslim of extreme faith for Allah… her only love. She professes that she always had a special inclination for sufism and mysticism, the source of her spontaneous, authentic, bare, and hyper sensitive mind __ much misunderstood by her surroundings, parents, relatives, husband. Most often she has to isolate herself to bend-worship to her Beloved God. Through her ink , she bleeds her thoughts:

Poem 1

Mystic Flute

Give me thy flute
Let me play with thy soul
A strange music
That resonates with thy beats
Thy sky is infinite
Stars are your humming notes
Just remain silent
While my soul plays its cosmic rhymes
Everything lies in my heart
It reveals its magic through my flute
There is no end to our love
Holding your poetry temple
Are you listening thou Lord
To my mystic flute blossoming like a flower
Give me they grace
to build my Seven seas
Give me thy rays
To play with flash of light
Give me thy beams
To dance with thy moon
It is the alchemy of Love
Performed by my mystic flute
Let me compose my music
To keep pace with the harmony of the soul.

An English teacher, at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Tunis, Tunisia. “ I am self- detached” from the exterior world since I felt my authenticity, and high sense of spirituality were not comprehended, and far from being understood by the secular environment where I live.” She has recently published three books:

Halos of Light published in June 2015

The Quest Of Love published in June 2017

The Soaring of my Soul in February 2018

“Life is a dream we have to realise. We are in control of our life as long as we keep ourselves stubborn and tough and be tied to our objectives. I see ambition and self confidence are the true essence to achieve our dream… ambition without self confidence is like a dream without essence.”

Poem 2


hela tekali-2018

There is a voice That whispers In my ears

Pulling me Away from

The erupted Volcanoes

That battered My soul

With weird Fear. 

There is A voice

That knocks M’y door

Warning my heart

From Sudden Blocks

And my Mind From Intense Shocks. 

I will Listen To that voice From within

To guide My path In between The door, 

And My ears Through The gate Unseen. 

Not let My heart And soul again

Squeezed by The confusing Tornadoes Of sin. 

Jenayah Hela

Spiritual Poetry 08/07/15

“…….we are only conscious of our Ego and unconscious of our Higher Self…the Ego blotting out our true vision, many people reject that mystical truth that hides the mystery of the whole universe __so much importance to the conscious , the ‘I’, weakening the power of the unconscious which in reality holds the secrets of all those questions raised by man! Mystics have this incredible power of putting on the light by switching on the lamps of the insight while scientists crave to study the light but the light could not be studied without being conscious of the presence of the higher self , the over self which seems to govern and take control of a tremendous part of our existence.” Jenayah Hela, The Power of the Overself, Copyright 26/05/18

Poem 3 

“Mystic Universe”

I have visited all places
But none to my taste
I made many encounters
Been to the temples of inspiration
But yours is the best
To eat the food of wisdom
I wandered in the deserts of loneliness,
Like a lost pilgrim looking
Desperately for the light
Then you hold my hand and take me to the Valleys of hope
There I learn the essence of love
And dwell in the mirage of eternity
Above the skies my soul flew
To purge its melancholy
And tranquil its saddened grief
I bathed in your sacred river
And wore the garments of love
And saw the mystic face of desire
You lit the candle of my burning heart
I saw the glittering passion with eyes of my soul
The Moon illuminated the concealed curtain of my heart.
Light of love rose from the bosom of my blooming soul
From the breast of the sleepy universe
Angels intimately appear in the clear moon light
Dancing joyfully under the chorus of clouds while as lovers we breathe and merge into the oneness of the clear-sighted, mystic universe. 

By Hela Jenayah Tekali

“Love is the night that soothes me, the day that cuddles me the sky that inspires me, the earth that spoils me. Love is the tree that bears me its fruits, the thorn that blooms without roots.
Love is the sadness and the pain , the loss and the gain, the rose and the prose, the water that floats, the light that glows , the halo that swells and grows.” 

Jenayah Hela Tekali

     Life is a dream we have to fully pursue bearing in mind the love of God .Life and love are two faces of the same coin, two aspects innately connected with the divine nature in us, and to quote Shams Tabrizi ‘s famous saying, ” We have to discover our inner divine spirit, and live accordingly by it. I have never felt more divine than when your spirit melted with mine. Life and love , two identical aspects, should be conceived as a perfect manifestation of His love to us.

     Peace is peace of mind, but peace of mind cannot be reached without inner peace, inner love, or even inner life.

Peace Maker

“ All my life I long for peace,

To find what makes myself complete.

I opened my Eye to welcome your bliss

I rose from ashes to stand on my feet.

Peace is the supreme state of love

Forgiving the past, and living in the present

Rain streaming on your inner being from above

Cleansing your bruises , and allowing your ascent.”


 perceptive translation:

ade hd woe perceptive poetry 2019

 my life flies with the wind, singing with the streams, dancing with the clouds, kissing the blades of grass, wallowing feeding, in my ecstasy of existence, melting at the sight of dawn to be in one with you…ahhhh… my love will ever be!__ade caparas manilah

comment by: Dr jernail S Aanand and critical analysis by: Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil 

(upon publication)

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