“a Woman of Essence”Maureen Shyamala Rajamoney,

Flexibilis, a latin word…

an autumn leaf flies with the wind and as it falls on a running stream…

it glides shimmers in brilliance, when the ray of sunbeams bestows. 

Yet, if it finds itself onto an undesirable rock,

it still struts pose canter gallop… spousing such strength and life,

like lovers who can still make love in the midst of destruction 

or politics that still toast a glass of champagne after a defeat… HD final 1 maureen woe 2019

 Maureen Shyamala Rajamoney, loves the bubbles, the crusts to turn golden brown of every life’s  moment,  encounters and accept them with joy! I look at it as a “see-saw with ups and downs.” Her crown of thorns is turned to crown of garland.

 A Dip.Ed, B.Ed (TESL) M.A. Phd  Eng.Lang.Studies,  daughter of Edwin Davies Jenson Rajamoney and Rani Rajamoney nee Victor, comes from Malaysia. Her faith in God is her key to happiness, peace of mind and heart… “I act on what I am fitted to; see that other people can benefit from it; and more so to learn from it. In time to come, one’s life may change because of that seed planted and this leads to a more satisfying life.” ups and downs. 

Poetising her concept of Life Love Peace

wind gushing through my hair 

raising the balanced plank 

my feet simply soothe 

coming down 

a task 

needs no effort

life is such! 

so with love 

with a partner 

takes two to play 

both sides rhyme  

more players more players

playing on the see-saw

laugh, as i experience the wind

peace smiles.Maureen Shyamala Rajamoney

When, how, why, have you felt that feeling of ‘being self-detached’?

      “I never had the feeling of ‘being self-detached’ as I appreciated my growing up days. Through thick and thin, I managed to climb the ladder. I believe that from brokenness, one is ‘purified’ and thus one should accept whatever there is on their plate. It was in my twenties that I learnt to bear the pains all by myself. With endurance, time had its healing power for all the pains I felt and this made me a strong woman. I know now that not all the time there will be pricks and thorns but there will always be calmness after a storm in due time. Time is and will always be on everybody’s side.”

mawreen WOE sig final HD 2019

“Brought up in a strict but a loving environment,  my sisters and I grew up placing God first in our lives… my parents being the pillars of our strength, mental and spiritual state of my being, prayers are always my tool of conversation with God. Education  is my focus… all four, i and my sisters are in the arena of education, moulding youngsters to be better citizens of the country __thus make us all the products of universities. From a girl to a young lady and now a woman, I appreciate the way and reasons our parents saw me through.”

THE TRACK (she poetises her life’s philosophy)

I choose the rough and bumpy track

As I walk and stroll along an unknown path.

Across the greens of long unprunned grass,

My heart rattles and skin crackles

Even with such careful life and routine,

I played, sang and danced.

To the music of unwanted symphony

The journey with emotions and nature’s aroma

Thoughts of boundaries and sense of queries.

Falling leaves speak volumes

Amidst blooming greeneries

Then I wonder, the reasons of dryness.

The reasons of oddness

As I watch the path

leading to more humps.

I carry on walking

There is no way for boulders

to gamble the path.

Walk and I will see

Through the faded night

Because after night, comes morning.


I will choose the rough and bumpy track

A track no one chooses.


maureen origginalpoto  THROUGH THE SHUTTERS 

The tiny leaves handing from the branches,

The thin twigs waiting to fall off,

The branches waving their greens,

The thick bark holding them all.

Over to the left the clear skies,

Clouds hovering the sunlight,

Deciding on the water works,

It can take away all that is bright.

But beyond and yonder

There is a wonder.

Who made the blunder?

There is famine, war and hunger.

Here we sit looking through the shutters.

Be still and allow God.

Walk without shoes,

Pain without tears.

Play it for the lost,

With chords of love that cost.

For it is only with that seed,

Is when you can reap.

POEM No. 2                        


Commonly said,

Life is but a bed of roses

Nature of its petals

Beautiful voluptuous passion.

Still common,

Thorn among the roses

Prickly as it is

Part of the stalk.

Above all,

People always think

Roses have thorns

Spoiling the grasp.

But think,

Thorns have roses

Depicting protectiveness

Crown of thorns said it.

Realise this,

Love can speak in roses

Expressing messages

In many colours.

Then again,

Truth needs thorns

So being sharp

It hurts.

POEM No. 3          


Why do you look at me

As an unclothed?

Instead see me

As a dutiful warrior.

Why do you label her

As a rotten egg?

Instead see her

As times changed.

Why do you shun him

As an outcast?

Instead see him

As a different, talented player.

Why do you blast them

As  hopeless people?

Instead  see them

With a jewelled crown.

If I were you,

I would give her an umbrella

Let me walk in the rain.

I would clothe her, Let me be naked.

I would give him the ball

Let me play with him

I would fix that crown

Let me get dirty.




Email: maureenshyam@gmail.com

mobile number – +60164401469 


Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, W.Malaysia 


Comments by:  Dr Jernail S Aanand, 

Critical Analysis by: Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil     (to follow  at publication)



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