“a Woman of Essence”- Bina Singh

i conquered:  time

     Time, a programmed being, the villain of human Body and Soul, is a power beyond  the live thinkering-thoughts of all living beings… all living beings are in ‘on-time-being’, dependants of Time. Time has no soul, free of thoughts, devoid of will, an immortal being having an unseen body yet comes in the most powerful spirit of momental space. 

     A body is only alive while in onsoul-being’, its spirit manifests its on-time being’.  If human beings are always in ‘on-time-being’, it would be the most powerful authority on earth but an unruly chaotic world, like a prolonged wailing of a cat, a metaphorical statuette of both meaningful and buffoonery arts, sans detachment nor restraint, a post-awardee of nausea, collapse, ruin! __ade c.

HD final Bina 1 woe 2019Bina Singh, in high existence of her ‘on-soul-being’ her spirit, is in control of time from that very first moment of her earth existence. As shared by her mother, “the day i was born, my grandmother didn’t give lunch to my mom for having birthed a girl, they wanted a son, a male child…“My grandmother didn’t want me, but my father raised me with love and affection though i grew up in a feudal Rajput family conservative and patriarchal domination. “


     As a child, she had that obsession of being a dancer, some passion for theatre, a celebrity… picturing herself as  a most beautiful attractive girl-angel __but conservative opinions always had a say, however, she was able to perform at her christian school stage festivities, where she became a good fluent English speaking woman. Her desire to study Behaviour Psychology and Clinical Psychology was aborted deprived erased… O! … because a girl could not travel abroad; she aspired to go to US for her higher studies- instead she took English Literature as her major, obtained her PhD from BHU  Varanasi and later go for teaching as directed decree from her father. 

pic 3 copy

shattered dreams 

secret teardrops


not allowed

time wasn’t

in agreement

but wait

i shall conquer 


     Her literature fascinations: American literature, European literature, Indian literature, Feminist literature… where she practices employs teaches in drama, fiction, poetry and literary theory; a Teacher for the last 36 years: American Institute of Indian Studies language program Varanasi  and University of Wisconsin College year in India for nine years.

       A fun loving passionate young girl, she loves fashion, hanging out with boys, drinking, smoking doing all the crazy things… in love twice, her teenage crushes but consistently battered by time of strutting horses of conservatism … until her arranged wedding at 18 age. At age 23, she had her 2 daughters fathered by a caring husband but extremely possessive.

     A time conqueror, she knows no defeat, “Now, I teach write poetry with passion; directs theatres, loving  flirting  with life.” Single with two daughters and a son, all independently sufficient; three grandchildren, a daughter in law and two sons in law. “ I live alone,  do whatever I feel like, still struggle, but i explore life; I am a hard core optimist, surrender is not my cup of tea. I  love the challenges. I celebrate every moment, because the more you celebrate , the greater and deeper becomes the Joy of living, enriching adding more colours to my landscape .”

     Her second marriage failed because the man she loved and married, deceived her, ditched her and fought with her family. “ I am again alone with my three children, my supporting pillars. It is a real burden to belong to a conservative traditional society.” Her on-time-being’  is very much under  her control; vibrant and vivacious… not afraid to fall in love again!

   A much acclaimed lady poet, Poet Festivities organizer, member of various academic and socio-cultural bodies; authored 7 books: 1.) Jhanvi keeps me afloat: a collection of poems 2.) Kingsley Amis: The social satirist 3.) Spoken English (a book of situational conversation) 4.) Unsung Melody: anthology of poems 5.) In Search: a collection of poems. 6.) Social Satire in the novels of Kingsley Amis. 7.) Sajde Mein: a collection of poems in Hindi in press. Dr. Singh has published articles, research papers, poems in international and national books and journals… reflecting the esoteric and mystical realms of womanhood: 

“These   depict my passionate craving to reach the unreachable.”

Return of a New Dream

Every day dawn breaks through my window

Giving life a new day

Ripples of silvery waves

bina singh -4 copy

 Face of Love

You are the architect

You designed every brick of this house

Giving it the proper shape and size

This beautiful house is yours

I am only a hostage

Oh my landlord

Release me from this golden cage 

I am only a woman

No Saint

Let me sit on the throne of ecstasy

Let me taste the bliss of passion

Let me live in the mansion of love

Because before I leave

I want to see the real face of Love

bina maam 25.05.19 copy

Return of a New Dream

Every day dawn breaks through my window

Giving life a new day

Ripples of silvery waves

Floating on the grey wall

Dispelled the grim darkness

Light filtering through the casement

Entered within me

Giving birth to a new consciousness

Recalling Tagore’s words that

Faith is the bird

Which sings while dawn is still dark

I recollected my fallible being

Holding new promises

I moved towards a new road

But the alien path faltered my steps

Fear of being knocked

I retreated

Next morning, once again

The morning star knocked at my window

I pulled down the shutters

Allowing the light to enter

Whisper of a new dawn, gave the courage

To move once again

And I took the road not taken

Conquering fear, I met the dust storm

Yellow smog, blurred my vision

Fear of failure gripped me again

HIS shelter was beyond my reach

The thick smoke gradually took me

In its ravishing embrace

Blocking possibility of escape

With fallen faith

I closed my eyes

Wishing the return of a New Dream


Prohibition didn’t work in the garden of Eden

Satan succeeded in tempting Eve

Eve provoked Adam

And he ate the apple

The eternal curse fell

The ceaseless legacy continued

Inherited and transferred from generation to generation

The imperishable burden

Continued to weigh existence

Timelessly, both Adam and Eve wandering, seeking the shore to unload the burden

Denied, sailing against the trade winds

Destined to drown

Misty din, and grey fog

Hanging low, shadowing the light

Their fragile bark, trembling on the limitless deep

Baffled, frightened, sterner holding the oar

Oh Moses! Son of Abraham

Will you once again walk on the turbulent ocean

I plead for mercy

Seeking, striving, looking helplessly

Towards you

Bless me, the liberation

I long for.

comments by: Dr Jernail S Aanand                                    (upon publication)

critical analysis by: Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil


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