“a Woman of Essence”- Bernadette Manahan Sta Maria


     in most instances, living beings: humans, in its endless struggle to survive in comfort; animals, in its search for food, rocks rivers mountains trees, in retaining their nature against human’s destructions, etc. etc., all survive in this planet earth, shadowed by convulsions of predicaments, desires, needs, lethargy of boredom , distress, and an imaginable urge to destructions like war!

bernadette final HD w:sig ade woe 2019

Bernadette Manahan Sta Maria,  

an extra-ordinaire artist in her congenital  convulsion to create project beauty love peace, through her brushes  and canvass, hails from the Philippines… now resides in Carson California LA. __her shade of lights and darkness expresses the inner beings of her subjects…  detailed in emotion! It is my passion to do portraits of people because it gives me a feeling of completeness and accomplishment.”

    “Life is a gift from God. I am grateful to Him who allows me to enjoy to the fullest my life. Through its chaotic miserable multi- routed threads,  i discover the guiding light, i find direction and discover the purpose, it becomes meaningful and satisfying.” 

     She believes life is meant to be shared   with  love ones… creating good memories. When she was a little girl, she would stare at people’s faces sketching their images in her mind, “little did I realize that there’s a streak of art in me trying to unleash… blank paper and pencil were my constant shadow”. Though her parents hardly looked at  the ‘aficionado her’, she would scramble at her sibling’s notebook blank pages, where she  used to get into trouble, get punished for what they believed was foolish. “There are artists in our family  though I can’t say my kind of art originated from them. “.



 She believes her talent is a gift from God,  “I touch people’s lives through my portraits and I feel very much connected with them-, so priceless peaceful… I can’t imagine my life without this episodic repertoire where i draw my strength, love, inspirations. I have a feeling of self-detachment whenever i get inspired, my passion moves me and I’m just carried away, it’s unstoppable, like a flowing stream at the height of a rain-pours… PEACE get my spirit and mood together.”


Bernadette poeticises her life’s philosophy:


giving sharing is a gift 

i can give without loving 

but i can’t love without giving

i can’t give what i don’t have

so i’m sharing and giving 

i touch people’s lives

through my gift of portraiture

feeling  connected accomplished 

within my heart and soul… PRICELESS!

some of bernadette’s works

48429763_291040844794334_1188634780443344896_n          60117304_1256275917868083_5952683750084050944_n           60469576_3358711807487534_3532382087225016320_n




one of her in-process work (“SUMAN” unfinish) , and

moi, as  a philosophique poétes: 





and two


and four

is ten…

a number

of perfection

my inner moi

my outer moi

 are one

in spirit


my soul.

__ade c. 2019 sydney nsw australia

Comments by: Dr Jernail S. Aanand

Critical Analysis by: Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil

to follow upon publication:





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