“a Woman of Essence”- Syedah Maryam Igbal

O Vengeful soul!

Your abusive actions and corruption

Have not made my words to tremble,

They flow with the fluency of the sea,

They fly with the speed of the wind,

They enlighten with the swiftness of the light. 

__Maryam Igbal


The being that i am is challenged; my parking space is taken… someone i know, a neighbour, wishing to intentionally irritate provoke me to anger, urges moi to choked her, to end her breath… for it isn’t the first second ten times but always, thereby my capacity to love is challenged __ creating recreating tolerance and patience, exact calmness and avoid any confrontation. Ahhhh, this world is full of indiscreet neighbours with whom i must learn to accept, why must i bent myself to miserable ugly sickened me? __this realm of wickedness must turn into 351 horse power, a fact that everyone in this world  must learn… accept! Even a lover, a husband, a boyfriend, is being snatched… hah yes,  i own nothing, no one, but my own soul… a soul to be in its spiritual immortality. __ade c.

syed maryam woe final photo HD 2019

Syedah Maryam Igbal,  who lives in Karachi, Pakistan, a poet a writer, an author,  studies at University of Karachi, has her right eye overflows with unlimited beauty of the world yet her left eye kept  its sharpness of balance . For her, to be Challenged is to be Fulfilled.

Life, standing with all its intricateness, 

challenges me to explore myself,

Inquire the reason of my being,

But I am not alone in myself as I represent humanity,

I represent womanhood,

So the exploration goes beyond me,

                                    To find myself.

O Vengeful soul!

See! Your harsh utterances,

That once cracked my passions

Have now empowered me to fight,

Deal with all the fright,

Stand for everything that is right.

O Vengeful soul!

Behold! The little innocent creation

That was once frightful of monstrous shadows,

Unseen creatures and horrifying images,

Found everything in your disposition,

Your exploitation has given me insight.

O Vengeful soul!

Discern! Your malice, resentment and hostility

Cannot settle my destiny,

As it is in the hands of the One

That has all the might,

Over everything that is dark or bright.

__Syedah Maryam Igbal

asked about LIFE:

        Life is a gifted puzzle that makes one to inquire the reason of being. With hope in hand, you move forward and at every corner, think that destination is near, but you keep on finding the answer. The puzzle gives you a chance to win rewards for your struggle and also makes you accept your follies whenever you are unable to surpass the hindrances. But at the end, it remains a puzzle. 

asked about LOVE:

Love is sweet, kind, caring and a loveable entity. For me, love is there when you accept someone wholeheartedly with all of his merits and demerits, when you love the instability as well as the stability of a personality, when you care for someone more than you, when you find happiness in someone’s happiness and when you cannot imagine to let go that someone so important for you. I think that being loved by someone is a blessing and gives you a sense of fulfilment while to love someone is a sort of submissiveness to that person. Love is not just a bondage between a man and a woman, it can be between a mother and a daughter, it can be between a mother and a son, it can be between two sisters, it can be between two friends, in fact, the boundary of love is quite borderless. 

asked about PEACE:

Peace of mind is quite crucial if one wants to live an adorable life and this peace can be attained through self-revelation. We have to know ourselves to have tranquility of our minds. However, the peace of the world depends on its people and all the people have to understand that they have to become global citizens working for the welfare for all, not just for themselves. We, all are attached to one another as we all are human beings. We share our traits with other human beings, there should be no discrimination, no differentiation as we all are equal and no one is superior to other. Peace is only possible when we comprehend the equality of all. For a peaceful world, we have to be united, we have to be caring, we have to be loving, overall, we have to accept everyone with all of his or her human traits, whether negative or positive. We have to understand the humanness of everyone.

asked what gives her a ‘sigh of smile’:

Completeness or perfection is just a dream as per my understanding. However, whenever I compose a poetic piece, it gives me a ‘sigh of smile’ of feeling somewhat complete. Any type of creativity gives a sense of achievement and I also share the same feeling with many others. It is through words, imagination and ingenuity that I am able to witness beauty in everything around me.

Her parents who have always considered her a gem; played a major role in the moulding of her being.” My education has been greatly encouraged by my mother, and supported by my father. I am the eldest child, my two brothers and a sister, all shared a very loveable childhood.” “And becoming a mother to my son, Paras, added much depth to my personality making me more caring, sacrificing, attentive, sensitive and protective.” 

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-10 at 17.59.18

     The death of her father has traumatically affected her person, her emotion, her attitude about death, about society in general; the selfishness, the self-centred  attitude, the wrong  preferences that affect the lives of others, and the women’s unjust  subjugations, make her feel obliged to do something within her ability and capacity to help… she feels both man and woman must strike a balance of give and take.

My Inner Self

Something that threatens our existence, our origin,

Every day, every minute, every second, all our lives,

Is something that lives within us,

And is deemed exceptionally precious,

It is something that is a conundrum,

Something that keeps us restless,

In quest of some sudden revelation.

It is our struggling inner self,

Our inner self that is full of tantrum,

And is ever prepared to crush our souls.

In our combat with the exterior world,

We are able to conquer and get pearled,

But that conquest, which we have with our inner self,

Always ends up in our humiliation and defeat.

We nourish an enemy within us,

That drags us towards self-destruction and self-annihilation,

Making us helpless and flawed,

Pressurizing us to indulge in conscienceless doings,

Staining our souls with the dark permanent paints.

We are never able to liberate ourselves,

As it resides within us slowly poisoning our souls,

Reminding us of all the dark paints we used once.

Self-detachment is an art in itself and if one learns self-detachment for any sort of artistic creation, she can create masterpieces. I started writing poetry as a response to a daily one-word prompt by The Daily Post on WordPress through my website www.writcrit.wordpress.com… Self-detachment makes me enter a self-illusionary world that is full of colours.  

Sometimes, witnessing 

the whirling winds, 

the running clouds, 

the glaring sun

a piece of stone… 

detaches me 

from myself

transform enter me

into entities 

living and non-living. 

Syedah Maryam Igbal

Email Address: mxmaryam@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.writcrit.wordpress.com

comments by:  Dr Jernail S Anand               

critical analysis by: Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil


 to follow upon publication

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