“a Woman of Essence”- Aprilia Zank


     i am mad, i ravish the fading colours of orange, blue, purplish, the golden brilliance of a setting sun, O my dusky skies render moi awakened… ahhhh oui, my amorous thoughts, come to its orgasmic lens; words step up swirling icing languages beyond my grasp… coming circling like trapezoidal silhouette of unfathomable love.  Food, love life, clothes, travels, cars, friendships, wine, flowers, candies, movies, poetries, etc., etc., … all that give me ecstatic klieg beam. But can a crazy being feels love or feels this ravishing gusto as i do? __NOoooooo, never, coz a madman’s soul is already dead, incapable of emotions __ only moi,   une artiste seulement… vous, nous, nous somme poétes!!! __ade caparas manilah


this is a forlorn place 

where once youngsters came 

to gallivant, dance and lo

when life seemed perpetual 

and the wanderers, dancers and lovers 

treasured it in their immortal minds 

as they knew they would never forfeit  

and they didn’t 

floating above the waves 

as feathers, breeze, echoes – 

poetry by: Aprilia Zank 


aprilia works photo-4  aprilia works photo

art photography by Aprilia Zank

HD aprilia woe 2019 finalAprilia Zank is a lecturer for Creative Writing and Translation Theory from Germany a PhD degree in  Literature and Psycholinguistics for her thesis THE WORD IN THE WORD Literary Text Reception and Linguistic Relativity, at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, writes verse in English and German, and was awarded a prize at the “Vera Piller” Poetry Contest in Zurich. Her poetry collection, TERMINUS ARCADIA, was 2nd Place Winner at the Twowolvz Press Poetry Chapbook Contest 2013. BAREFOOT TO ARCADIA, her bilingual collection of poems translated in Telugu by the eminent Indian poet and translator Dr. L. S. R. Prasad. was launched in 2018 in Hyderabad, India.

Life Love Peace for her is an imagined triptych, the three panels of an altar which are hinged together, none can fully exist without the others. “Whenever the balance within this triptych is in danger, each component is endangered, too.,” she claims.

But I shall stand tall,

not let my words be silenced,

will raise my voice,

speak my mind loud and clear,

will clean the earth

and plant the seeds of new trust, 

will teach mankind to live

without grief or fear!

__Aprilia Zank

In one of my poems I imagined us, the humans, as

time travellers

patterns of light 

flashing through haze

__Aprilia Zank

As carriers of light, each of us should be driven by the wish to enlighten human existence with beauty, with knowledge, with goodness and harmony, light does not exist without darkness or shadow, keep our eyes wide open to see what is wrong, evil, unjust around and even inside ourselves. “My poetry contains shocking imagery meant to raise awareness, to combat wickedness and injustice, because poetry is not only about love and roses…

you break into

an infant’s dreams

under floral bed sheets

and smother the cry 

with your greedy mouth

__Aprilia Zank

asked about feeling of self-detachment, when is a ‘feeling of sigh’

“I think the phrase ‘self-detachment’ is prone to multiple interpretations: on the one hand, the detachment we attain when we free ourselves from all things (and sometimes from all people) that prevent us from moving forwards and looking upwards; on the other hand, there is the detachment from one’s own self, from all the borders and limitations we impose on ourselves due to fears, doubts, lack of self-confidence, even obsolete education – burdens which we carry with ourselves for years and which, at a certain point, we are too weak or even a bit coward to get rid of. But getting aware (and making others aware) of this condition is the first step towards self liberation and independence:

give me back 

my wings

my visions

my craving for love

and my dauntlessness 

__Aprilia Zank

asked about her roots:

aprila 3


“I was fortunate to enjoy a thorough education both at school and at home. My parents’ professions were not very poetic, they were both judges, but they held literature and art in great esteem and we had a considerable collection of books at home, which offered me the possibility to get into early contact with universal literature. Furthermore, my mother, who had an amazing memory, used to recite poems or quote prose fragments from the most various books and authors – all this was highly motivating and inspiring for me.



As a child, I spent much time in the country-side enjoying the unadulterated beauty of nature, a further source of inspiration for my later literary and artistic creation. Intensive contact with music of all kinds, especially classical, due to my marriage to a musician, has left a strong impact on my verse both in content and sense of sound harmony, to me a very important dimension of poetry:

      listening to “The Trout“

in a hospital room

with Father gliding inexorably

into his corner of eternity

and Jacqueline on the cello

sparkling as ever

in her glamorous blue robe –

gone so early

gone so senseless.

__Aprilia Zank

Her philosophical thoughts poetised:

During my PhD study of psycholinguistics I learned to be very careful about words, and ‘philosophy’ is surely a very tricky one.  If we talk about philosophy as life wisdom, then my philosophy is very simple: be good, be fair, educate and motivate others through your own example. It sounds clear and easy, but daily reality often proves to be very different. Because common wisdom is not everybody’s wisdom. And then you start trying hard to understand… And here you need the one or the other philosopher to help you, to teach you – and you walk into this wood of cerebral or mystical or dialectical thoughts and try to find your identity as human being, which is a hard process because you start asking about the meaning of life, about what is worth or not worth doing, about why you, like Sisyphus, should push your boulder up the slope only to have it rolling down again when it has reached the top. But since there is no other way to revolt against the absurdity of existence than to accept it, let us accept life as unavoidable and try to make the best of it as long as it lasts: 


I had treasured

these grapes

these peaches

and these pomegranates

for the journey

the gipsy journey

the fortune-teller 

had read in my palm

on your back

the canvas tent

rich with

skin’s heat and sweat

amber and

wolf’s hair

in the locket

between my breasts

neither beginning nor end

just lying there

in the shelter of night

among greedy roots

fixing the stars

grapes soothing lips


of barbed wire 

or soot 

or sin

__Aprilia Zank


Leda and the Swan

not the white of snow

or the velvet feathers

drove you to surrender

but the strength of muscle

against reluctant fibres

the taste of blood

on your thighs

ancestral instincts


in the rhythm of motion

opening the eyes 

of your mind


at the radiance of light

sensed in your lap

the numinous stir

tensing your breasts

under the numb weight 

of feathers

the otherness 

of the embrace

the grasp of the beak 

on your neck

the mystery of

wings and arms 

growing together

__Aprilia Zank



comments by: Dr. Jernail S Aanand

critical analysis by: Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil

to follow upon publication

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