“a Woman of Essence”- Maria Teresa


   “i smell nothing but stenchful dew coming from the neglected well, every gesture i make is an image of verloren hoop, a rusty rod, a forgotten song… i  long the amorous touch of her toes, her tickling my right foot, those soulful eyes that send my heart in galloping beats…O! my ISABELLA my ISABELLA  the sunrise never come… can’t you see i still stand on the same amorous position? Isn’t it possible to recreate the episode of the enchantment?” Ahhhh…yessss, rainbow of petals, a language trembling with desire, a desire overflowing with Life, cascading into Love, an spectacle of glaring lapis lazuli of amorous being!_ade c.

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 Maria Teresa comes from a family of good social and economic level, “my parents instill  in us to face life  with great responsibility, to worked to help others…   that LIFE TAKES AFFRONTATA.” From  her mother she inherited the great pleasure and love of reading. The knowledge of many literary genres, obviously relate to her different stages of age, and have greatly enriched her literary knowledge from youth to adult life. At 21 years old, she married a wonderful man, a husband with whom they were blessed with 3 beautiful kids. “My passion for music, painting, sculpture, architecture became synonymous with my grasp and understanding of what joys, sufferings, love, life, peace is in relation with others.”

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Passano gli anni chiusi

negli affanni del tempo

senza vergogna, senza attese, 

vuoti di speranze.

Invano ti guardi intorno,  

invano cerchi una mano

che ti sorregga, vecchio, 

chiuso sei nella tua canutaggine

che ti abbandona su quella fredda

panchina solitaria

mentre incalza intorno la festa…

Quante feste han passato

i tuoi giorni quando il canto  

degli uccelli rallegrava, 

quando le piccole mani stringevi 

dei tuoi figli a proteggerli.

Oggi nessuno stringe le tue

raggrinzite mani 

consumate dagli anni, 

nessuno accanto a darti la gioia

di un sorriso, 

oggi solo il tuo pianto

e la tua infinita solitudine, 

accovacciato a riscaldarti al sole

tiepido, di un freddo mattino

che ti ritrova solo, 

oggi il tempo del silenzio!

poetry by: Maria Teresa

perceptive translation by: __ade caparas manilah


years had gone

the wind of times

sans shame sans waiting…

with full of hope

yet hopes in vain

none but empty palms

no more… nothing                          

only a portrait of abandonment.

left in the cold

on an empty bench

parties holidays

left him scarred 

those days full  of songs

of twitting birds

where his hands shakes

in protection of them

but today, no one there

his hands now, dried by the years

 begging  joy of smile

yet nothing but tears

his endless loneliness

waiting  for warmth.

 in the cold morning

 in his aloneness


The Time of Silence.

__ade c. version


Sto per arrivare Signore, oggi finisce qui

il mio camminare.

Parto, lascio il mio mondo e gli affetti,

addio ai miei desideri, alle emozioni, ai sogni.

Lascio per sempre la vita che tanto mi ha dato,

lascio le speranze e i sogni e i desideri e il corpo 

che mi donasti in un atto d’amore, mamma,

oggi sarò con te, ti rivedrò.

Lo so che sei lì, che mi aspetti.

Eri lì quando ti cercavo nel mio dolore,

nei pianti, nelle preghiere.

Sei lì dove TUTTO inizia, mentre qui 

finisce il mio cammino.

Prendimi per mano, dammi la forza

di affrontare questa via che mi fa paura, aprimi le tue braccia, mamma,

stringini forte, tremo, guidami verso la luce dove tu sei,

prendimi per mano come quando bambina venivo a cercarti e tu  

mi rincuoravi.

Aspettami mamma, mamma mia,

tra poco saremo insieme di nuovo,

per non lasciarci MAI PIU’!

Maria Teresa Manta

Copyright 2012


I’m coming to the Lord, today it ends here

my walking.

I leave, I leave my world and the affections,

goodbye to my desires, emotions, dreams.

I leave forever the life that has given me so much,

I leave hopes and dreams and desires and the body

that you gave me in an act of love, mother,

today I will be with you, I will see you again.

I know you’re there, waiting for me.

You were there when I was looking for you in my pain,

in the tears, in the prayers.

You are there where EVERYTHING starts, while here

my path ends.

Take me by the hand, give me strength

to face this way that scares me, open your arms, mother,

hold on tight, shake, lead me to the light where you are,

take me by the hand like when I was a little girl looking for you and you

you encouraged me.

Wait for me mom, my mother,

soon we’ll be together again,

not to leave us NEVER AGAIN!



E’ tempo di ritrovarci, amore,  

sotto quel cielo buio, ove una fredda luna  

accarezzò le ombre del nostro rancore , 

allontanandoci in lacrime, credendoci 

lontani e persi, al nero spettrale 

 della morte siderale di un amore 

che pensammo finito, 

il corpo pieno della nostra rabbia, 

ingigantito dal buio di spente stelle 

che ci resero cattivi e distanti, 

le mani staccate e lacrime inspiegabili, 

allora, a rigare i nostri volti , 

a portarci a cercare in altri occhi, 

 in altre mani, in altri passi 

le nostre nostalgie,  

l’amore che credemmo perduto, 

per sempre … 

NIENTE fu  più come allora, 

come noi due insieme, come 

SOLO NOI fummo. 

Finito il tempo degli inganni, 

NESSUNO  MAI fu te, fui io, 

FU “NOI! “ 

E’ tempo di ritrovarci, AMORE, 

E’ TEMPO di accendere il cielo, 

riempirlo di stelle, luminose e belle,  

di riportare il sole dentro e fuori noi, 

di darci l’amore nostro IMMORTALE 

 e VERO, oltre il tempo, oltre tutto 

 il silenzio che ci vide lontani e 

 insieme dentro, 

infiniti e mai del tutto finiti. 

E’ tempo di ritrovarci ,amore, 



It’s time to get back together, love, 

under that dark sky, where a cold moon  

caressed the shadows of our resentment, 

and turn us away into tears, believing in it 

far and lost, to the ghostly black 

 of the sidereal death of a love 

that we thought was over, 

the full body of our anger, 

Enlarged by the darkness of fiery stars 

that made us bad and distant, 

detached hands and unexplained tears, 

then, to scratch our faces, 

to get us to look in other eyes, 

 in other hands, in other steps 

our nostalgia, 

the love we thought was lost, 

forever … 

Nothing was like it was then, 

like the two of us together. 

ONLY, we were. 

The time for deception was over, 

NEVER was it you, it was me, 


It’s time to get back together, LOVE, 

It’s time to turn on the sky, 

fill it with stars, bright and beautiful, 

to bring the sun back in and out of us, 

to give us our IMMORTAL love 

 and TRUE, beyond time, beyond everything 

 the silence that saw us far away and 

 together inside, 

endless and never completely over. 

It’s time to meet again, love, 


maria teresa 2


Maria Teresa, a multi awardee poéte, has her skin as her amorous language, as her skin is touched, the amorous language transfigure into an aesthetic creation of love discourses and of passionate  romantic poetries.


comments by: Dr Jernail S Aanand

critical analysis by: Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil

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