“a Woman of Essence”-Paramita Mukherjee Mullick


An amourous skin is like a buzzing fly in the air,

emitting shinny streams of rainbow over the blue sky, 

seemingly, a dust of gold that leads route of joy…

thus defines essence

when a woman finds discovers completeness

in whatever puzzling situation she encounters.

She gets into a settled course of sweetness; assigning turning a night of darkness to love… love into a romance and an adventure of three parts: first, the amorous gets ravished by the fronting darkness, second, faces the rapturing encounters, third, she ecstatically deplore it to her orgasmic satisfaction… like giving birth at her beautiful daughter with  those curly black hair, huge black eyes that looked at her from the nurses lap; those moments of sadness emptiness, when her husband looks at her with concerned eyes; when her mother, who has Alzheimer’s has shown a blink of recognition in her eyes __life becomes interestingly marvellous! _ade c.

paramita HD final WOE 2019Paramita Mukherjee Mullick, a    daughter of the famous Anthropologist and renowned professor of the University of Calcutta, India, Prof. D, P. Mukherjee and the multitalented Mrs. Sima Mukherjee who is an exponent  of Rabindra Sangeet ( songs of Tagore) and a great recite of poetry with many books to her credit, is LOVE.

“ Life ends, but love never ends,” she says. Life is love—love for nature, love for your work and love for others. Life is a treasure trove of infinite possibilities. If there is life there is hope. Life is continuity. Life always gives a second chance. Life means overcoming evil with goodness. I am quoting a  line from my poem ‘Infinite’, ‘ I am a woman of infinite possibilities and talents’. Life is a miracle…  beautiful experience becomes momentous. Lines from my poem ‘Miracles’ read, ‘ Where do I search for miracles o’ye pilgrims? It is in  the smile, a teardrop of love in my eye’s rim.’ Life is a mystery unravelled gradually. I end by saying ‘life is completeness…” by being kind and supportive we not only bring completeness in our own life but also in others.”

Born in a cultured Bengali family she had to learn to sing and read number of poems written in Tagore. Her parents have enwrapped her with love always… no discrimination between her brother and her sisters in their house. Her father died in 2015 but her mother’s love for him has not faded.  “ Life ends, but love never ends” this is the last line of my poem ‘ Love Grows’.  I love nature a lot. This love in fact is one of the reasons I became a poet, I love travelling and travelled almost all corners of the world, expanding  my horizon and thinking capability. Love has made me  a complete woman.”

 Ph.D. in Genetic Toxicology, her love for  Science and Literature is her skin, her colour, her radiance… teaching Genetics in a college and then became a Principal.  Her latent love for Literature resurfaced five years ago with the publication of her first collection of poems: Life- A Collection of Poems ii) Paradigm iii) The Maverick’s Journey iv) The Sun through my Wine Glass.

She has taught hundreds of students in college and still mentors hundreds not only in Genetics but also life skills and regaining confidence. This confidence building in young people gives tremendous meaning to her life. She, also for the last two years, have started inculcating moral values in schools students through her poetry. Poems of responsibility, on honesty, holocaust poems, poems on freedom and many more— these build ethical values in young minds,  projects that give her immense pleasure and happiness.

Married to Mr. Sudip Mullick who is a well respected lawyer and  though he never shows his love, is always there for her, like an oxygen… “You don’t realise its presence but you cannot live without it. He has made me so confident and I feel beautiful because of him.”  Paramita is a dedicated mother to her daughter,  Sankalpita Mullick, who is very creative and had written a novel when she was fourteen. Her first book, “Stories from Fantasyland”was written way back in 2006 to celebrate her daughter’s becoming five years.

Paramita’s poetries have been read around the world and she has been a recipient of some awards like the Sahitya Shree, Sahityan Samman, Sahitya Bhushan and The Poetess of Elegance 2019. She remembers what her parents said when she was small and these have helped her to be who she is. “Never be afraid of anything or anybody if you are going in the right path”, her father said and her mother told her, “ Be so educated that everybody will be respectful towards you”. All the adoration and admiration all over the world for her poetry sometimes makes her feeI  she has reached the peak. Yet she said, “I know there are miles to go before I sleep.”



 Love Grows

When life passes by and by 

When you want to leap

And reach the sky

When you first fallen love

It is mere attraction

Not the deep rooted love.


Love grows by and by

Love expands like the blue sky

Love has no definition

It is neither  mere fascination

It is something which grows with age

It is a lifelong process, not a short phase.

Love grows by and by

It is like  the unending sky

Love is not a fairy tale

True love can, those stories pale.

In love, thoughts count,

When you need him, he is around 

It’s nice to know that love is around

It’s nice to know in love you abound

The joy of life encompassed in love, has no end

Life ends but love never ends.



comments by: Dr Jernail S Aanand

critical analysis by: Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil


to follow upon publication 

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