“a Woman of Essence”- Hana Shishiny


in the bible, honey is milk-sweet

amongst lovers, honey is sweet-kiss

from a Mom to a child, it is a sweet-love. 

     Somewhere in a forlorn corner of a train station, she slouches on the concrete platform floor-tiles to wait for another hour train-arrival; she had missed the last one. Withered like a branch in anticipation of her lover’s reaction on her being late, “ah… he’ll leave me!!!”… and she unknowingly fell asleep yet awoken by a tap on her shoulder, “hi, would you rather take my seat Miss?”, a youthful man, with all his mile-smiles offers. “O, thanks, I’m fine”, yet he is already holding her hands, leading her to his vacant seat. The genesis of love; accident in the midst of despair.

hana leaves final WOE 2019 HD

Hana Shishiny, a petal of love, a milk of honey, a sweet kiss, a sweet-love, is from a divine part of  Lebanon… her  roots, family..surrounding  and system of life, grew  the enthusiastic desire in her, to seek beauty and perfection. Her innocence filled her with such landscapes of nature… “I am keeping in every step of life; the mountains the Cedars,  where I enjoy visiting the areas where Jibran lived during his  early days. His first  words of wisdom affected me, blew me !”  Hana, a heavy reader, Gibran engraved in her the love for purity… where she craves craves craves,  traces traces all Gibran’s  philosophie about Love. “I am thankful to that part of my life  before I got on to the mundane world’s social masks.”

asked about Life: Naked Life is an endless desert of burning sands under a heavy sun of hard inquiries and self-truth searching identity.

asked about Love: Love is the touch of shade, the breeze of Eden, the shelter and the healer when days get  unfair __the Balsam when the aching sun engraves  our skin with burning scars of unending chaos; the meaningful rising of Hopes when drown  in nothingness of losses. It is the beauty of soulfulness rays of moon, the sensuality of storming waves upon the shore and the kind warmth  of the caressing tide.

asked about Peace: Peace is the holder of this existence… performing a paradisiac calm and a heavenly  atmospheric environment, to keep the equilibrium till the end. In childhood, i used to look around through colours and shapes, lights and shades… painting my dreams.

Hana is an Interior Designer, she aims nothing but more than marvelous ambience; as an artist, her shades of lights and shadows, spell-bound her patrons during her few exhibits; but as a poet, she is a lover __ her poetry-painting: the words, the verses, the  languages, silhouette her soul her spirit her emotions her dreams fantasies imaginations, source from some   hallucinated realities that come to attain the perfect actuality. 

Hana, a Lebanese, experienced the civil war, she didn’t want to leave her country, with the hope of seeing the end of it… the horrors on the streets, the innocent blood staining her beloved Beirut city, while being aware of  the politic commercial  side of the war wherein the selling and buying prices of  arms were discussed while number of victims increased. She  had to run out of this inferno … left for Egypt, where she discovered a new her, a self-growth within her,  a new perspective of life…  a new principles.

Now looking back through the years, her innocence, her dreams… the deceptions the despairs, those black and white canvass of lights and shades,  of lightnings and thunderstorms,  the thirsty desert’s sands, the rainbows of flooding rain… ahhhh… she poetises. __ade caparas manilah

Personal photo1

 Do I regret..?

My life                                              

My life is a poem

The muse held the pen

Light couldn’t be forgotten

While Scars keep to sustain

Bleeding in every word

Loving, and healing the pain

Changing…yes changing

New every now and then

There was some mysteries

Some flooding  and drenching  rain

But river of words keeps flowing  

within days that remain

And the poem…. will remain…….

Personal Photo2


You said

 You said in your eyes, i see words

As green as on Cedar’s tree

And hear the chirping birds

Sheltered from snow, loving and free

In those eyes, I hear your loneliness

Telling your nostalgia, for a caressing rain

And million pregnant clouds, holding tears

Of disappointment.. and unforgotten pain

And i hear seagulls, singing in silence

And waves of love with rippling light

The webb and flow of warming tide

All waiting for dawn to come again

On your skin i smell the spring

Of a land forgotten.. Forests and sea

Stream of lost promises

Homeless hearts,

Of you and me

So close your eyes, and back in my arms

Let our love answer your hidden calls

Let the moment hold our untamedness

And wild flowers, will bloom in souls..

By Hana Shishiny

December 2018

Personal Photo4


My muse

 Leaping between magical moments

Words running in front of me

Became again the child of heaven

I joy..I pray ..i wait to see..

The river keeps flowing with time

Muse ripples in glowing shine

My heart is a sailor in loving clime

Intoxicating me a forever wine…

Days scroll toward eternity

My door to escape into fields of freedom..

Beyond a world of banality

To a paradisiac garden where flowers bloom..

Naked Angel with wings of love

Under a sky of raining grace

Snow flakes of blessing from above

Butterfly sucking nectar of life’s face….

By Hana Shishiny

October 2018

comments by:  Dr Jernail S. Aanand

critical analysis by:  Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil

to follow upon publication

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