“a Woman of Essence”-Ngosi Olivia Osuoha

Perseverantia (perseverance)

      The amorous soul kept asking her lover, ‘do you love me’?, to which she gets an answer, ‘i do’, is totally meaningless__ divagating self-proffering to boredom but she holds, holds on plane, as if in hallucination… moves mountains… perseveres…making a dictum, an authoritarian air __ humans are created purposely to man to supervise to use everything around her, to reach to achieve whatever end. “Life is divinity inculcated into humans to physically man the universe especially,“ Ngosi claims. __ade c. 2019

ngosi final HD photo WOE 2019

Ngozi Olivia Osuoha, a poet a writer a thinker an author from Nkwerre, in Nkwerre L.G.A of Imo state, Nigeria. Born and bred by teachers, she was moulded by very strict parents, concrete disciplinarians, more  especially her Dad. She loved the church, participated in many things while growing up which she still does. She has published over two hundred and fifty poems in over twenty countries and featured in over forty international anthologies, authored five poetry books and co-authored one… all published outside Nigeria, some of her works have been translated and published in other languages. 


 Once she posted in FB: ”This is the second time I am posting this type of footwear. If you people don’t buy it for me, I will post it again.” 


ngosi WOE 2019

 She wrote in 04 july 2015: 


You must listen

So attentively, hasten

No hiding place
A little breathing space,
You are a spectator
I am the dictator.

You are a neighbour

This is my parlour,

There is a wall

Any move, you fall

I am the faithful

You must be fearful.

You are inferior

I am the superior

You are fake

I am the make

You are a stranger

I am the danger.

You are not smart

I draw the chart,

You are a learner

I am the winner

You are a child

I tame the wild.

Fine, if you admit

Better, if you submit,

Bad, if you resist

Worse, if you persist

You are a beginner

I am the teacher.

I was born to rule

Even within your pole

I can march your soul

Down with my sole

I am the captain

I guard the mountain.

you have not grown

Else you should have known,

I am the master

You are a pester,

Game reshuffled

No retreat No surrender.


For her…

Love is the chemistry between living things. Love is nature, it is natural and supernatural too… Love is when there is cordial union, understanding, relationship, interest, goal, dream, passion, and or sex between people, it is the tranquil or calm that transcends troubles. It could be physical, spiritual, mental, political, religious, social, marital.

Peace is when there is calm, calmness, tranquillity and mutual quietness among people, when they live in one accord. When they learn and master their differences and similarities. When they respect their diversities.

Life could be short or long, peaceful or stressful, forward or backward. Life is tremendous, it is overwhelming. Since I started writing, over two decades ago. I feel I am no longer that crude and unharnessed being. I am beginning to evolve into someone and something more destined. Even though, I am yet to arrive.”

Her Philosophical thoughts… too numerous, I have hundreds of words on marble. But take this, “Writing is life, life is writing. Living is a book”

Perseverantia… “do you love me… do you love me still,?” the amorous eyes kept to his eyes and his eyes kept to the book he reads and  replied, “i do”… a scenario that has become a litany prayer everyday of her life. While, she is not une ‘insistant âme’ (soul) nor a demanding nor dictating nor an ordering queen, she seeks with upmost bliss, yes at a point of orgasm… not really at the answer but the fact that she could make him know how much it means to her to hear him reply… that he is there! 

The biblical story of Job’s skin to skin perseverance, where Satan, testing Job’s faith in God, he afflicted Job with painful skin sores,  but Job still maintains his integrity, blameless and upright spirit__ he took a piece of broken pottery and scraped himself with it as he sat among the ashes… “i will  take joy as well as sufferings”.  Satan lost;  Job got healed, rewarded years of good health and an abundance unsurpassed.

There’s also the story of a woman who, everyday visited their town council, to award her two sons  some jobs though they haven’t any educational background, so they could survive their everyday subsistence… “no never nooooo” was the usual reply  but she still came everyday to ask__ the council, tired of seeing hearing her, just gave up and awarded the two sons some jobs.

Ngozi Olivia Osuoha, is a gifted writer warrior, a poet warrior, whose ink, whose pen speaks openly without fear because she knows, she speaks the truth, this truth pursued and persevered in the greatest excitement… and as  i worded, to a point of ORGASM… Ngosi is a  perseverantia!!!

__ade caparas manilah 2019


comments by: Dr Jernail S. Aanand

critical analysis by: Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil

to follow upon publication

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