“a Woman of Essence”-Padmaja lyengar-Paddy

elle es completéte 

yet her woman’s mysticism,  the what if’ surfaces…

When God created Eve, the objective was for her to be Adam’s companion and helper, she wasn’t created to be the mother of civilization! Everything in paradise were in its perfect need, beauty, want, a being of completeness. Eve would wander around in laughters of satisfaction, but the the ‘snake’, [ a character-created by the story teller] which in fact is an inner abstract thought of every living being, called MYSTICISM heated Eve’s soul…
h  er “what if”.  And she ate the apple, the aiming-PRIDE, to be like God… the rest is history, she became the mother of civilisation.

This feminine mysticism would somehow open and explore her mind to this vast horizon could offer. Like Eve, our World-Eve, who knows what she wants, will seek and will get it, yet upon reaching there, her insatiable spirit will wander in the field of “what if”. A world renown  actress would ask herself, what if i pursued my first inclination of being a world-leader; what if i married so and so, instead of my husband now; what if i pursued my being a nun? This mysticism of what-if, in most cases, occupies a woman’s mind of silence._ade c

patty HD final WOE 2019 photo

Padmaja Iyengar- Paddy, a senior ex-banker and a former urban governance consultant, is currently  the Hon. Literary Advisor, The Cultural Centre of Vijayawada and Amaravati (CCVA), and on the Advisory Panel of International Society for Intercultural Studies and Research (ISISAR), Kolkata. 

Patty’s “what-if”………


Sometimes, days just come and go;

Time flies and I don’t seem to know

What I did, how the days really went,

Why I was so and what it really meant.

Mind seems to aimlessly wander;

Precious time it seems to squander.

No aims, no objectives, no vision;

Life plods on, on a goalless mission.

Eyes appear to see unseeingly,

Mind seems to think mindlessly,

Heart seems to feel heartlessly,

Confusion continuing endlessly.

Why am I like this, I don’t know.

What should I do, I don’t know.

How do I solve this, I don’t know.

Where am I headed, I don’t know.

My poetry bows in humble supplication

To my restless being crying for salvation.

Gone is the brightness from the inner self aglow

Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy

She has compiled and edited 5 International Multilingual Poetry Anthologies, one of them ‘WWW – Women, Wit & Wisdom’ of women poets across the globe. The latest Amaravati Poetic Prism 2018 has 1111 poems in 107 languages contributed by over 630 poets from 76 countries. The 2016, 2017 and 2018 editions of this unique multilingual poetry anthology, have been recognized by the prestigious Limca Book of Records.  

paddy draft


Everything seems so dark when the mood is low            

Like the candle on a burn out and a death slow

Life seems to be slipping off when the mood is low

Thoughts caught in constant ebb and irregular flow

Mind unable to think straight when the mood is low

“This too shall pass” adage seems really hollow

Everything seems so shallow when the mood is low

Depression troops in to deal me a solid blow

Ennui and fatigue set in, when the mood is low

Hopelessness follows everywhere like a shadow

Oh ‘Paddy’! Nothing seems right when the mood is low

Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy

Her maiden poetry collection ‘P-En-Chants’ has also been recognized as a Unique Record of Excellence by the India Book of Records. An official Member of the World Nation Writers’ Union in Kazakhstan, she is regularly invited to national and international literary events to read her poems and present her papers. Her poems, articles and short stories, some of them prize-winners, have been published in various national and international anthologies, print journals and e-zines. Her poems have also been translated into several languages. 

I AM …

the falling leaf

the gripping grief 

the fading sunlight

the bird in low flight

the overcast sky

the eye with a sty

the receding hairline

the onset of a whine

the empty heart and soul

the overflowing manhole

the withering flower

the mind bereft of power

the dismantled home

the gaping-teeth comb

the much-dog-eared book 

the one with a caged bird look

the tell-tale signs of age

the burden of heavy baggage

the crack in my aging bones

the voice in hushed tones

the epitome of confusion

the definition of conclusion

Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy

Paddy is the recipient of the SETU-2018 Award for Excellence (Special Mention-Individual) instituted by SETU the Pittsburgh-based bilingual e-zine, “Ambassador De Literature” Medal from Motivational Strips and the title of “Distinguished Literary Personality” from Vishwabharati Research Centre / Sahitya Anand, India, for her contributions and service to literature. She was the Guest Editor of ‘Women, Power & Creativity’ edition of SETU-March, 2019 issue, in which she has presented 312 poems by 110 women poets from 25 countries.

Why Feedback…?

I read everything that comes my way.

And also post a feedback as my say,

On what has been painstakingly written
For public viewing and an honest opinion.

Do I post my feedback on others’ works,

Hoping to get their comments as perks

On the poems and articles that I write,

With a fond hope of not being taken light?

Most definitely, a feedback enables to improve;

Any glitches in one’s writes, it helps to remove…

Feedback is a process of mutual assistance;

A process that promotes literary coexistence.

A feedback signals a positive sign

To the writers to rectify and refine

Their works with exacting and total care,

To make the final product a delectable fare!

To give feedback, please don’t ever hesitate.

And a little of your time, please do dedicate,

To write a positive and meaningful comment

And forge a partnership for each others’ ascent!



a woman’s dream

to fall in love

to be married                                                

to have children


not to be addressed                            

as Tom’s wife

nor Peter’s sister

no not as 

Ely’s mother

a woman is

her own 

she has created

but then

the what-if 


in the midst                                                                                      

of her laurels…                                                                              


__ade caparas manilah

2019 sydney nsw australia                                                                     


comments by: Dr . Jernail S. Aanand

critical analysis by: Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil


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