“a Woman of Essence”- Pramila Khadun


am i created alone, left under the sky, to rig and pull the heat of the sun, the pouring rains… wary of oncoming tsunami, tornado, war… all,  to batter movements of beings?

Am i abandoned? Shirk whatever may come? No… abandonment is a valuation of my determination; a gift allowing my superhuman nature to shine its armours… so i may create me, paint me, sculpt me… a portrait of my own love, my art of life!

I should thank God for coating my outside with a determined soul, a built-in character that images Him. My dreams, expectations, hopes… i would face like a battering ram: all the roughness of the seas, the violent winds in the sky, all the boulder-rocks that would block my routes… these are giant Goliaths and i the created David. __ade c.

pramila HD photo final WOE 2019

Pramila Khadun from Mauritius, born in a remote village, Camp Ithier, married  to a wonderful man, Raj  Khadun, and blessed with 3 lovely children, who themselves have found their excellent place under the sun. She grew up in a family who had to strive their daily share of sunlights but who trained her and her other siblings… that rainbow is somewhere there to be reached. 

Her mother has been the main motor in forging her destiny, inculcating the right informal education and philosophy about life. The poem below is a summary of what she learned from her. 

 mother’s message

When your senses are numbed

With fears of a disturbed tomorrow

And the candle of life flickers in melancholic brooding,

Say to yourself, ‘I cannot dance to all music.’

Shake off the pernicious bend of your conceptualized  mind

And trace out another route, rational and compassionate.

Like attires in the wardrobe, trouble always hangs around,

The everyday paraphernalia.

Ease the agony of the raging inferno.

With a cuddle sometimes and a snuggle at other times.

Silent and shy, be a woman of substance.

When your hopes are clouded with cold calculations of others,

And dreams shattered by their blunt manipulations,

Fear not, be poised.

Creative and assertive, live in the indicative spirit,

Keeping the subjunctive aside.

With elegance and brilliance of your soul,

Be a woman of grace with a beautiful mind. __pramila khadun

“I went to India to pursue my tertiary education in Food and Nutrition in S.N.D. T College. Since my young days I believe in peace and love and have always treated people alike in spite of financial status, religious belief or caste and creed.” She worked in Modern College as a Food and Nutrition Educator, where she failed none of her students in this subject, few of them got state scholarships which is usually reserved to the star colleges…a trophy of joy for my heart”.

And God danced with me

Whenever I felt a bit dead inside,

And needed a time for retreat and self-renewal,

My higher state of consciousness
Guided me towards meditation.
Nestled in God’s lap, I looked
At the colourful fish swimming coquettishly
In the pond under the shade of the weeping willows.
I smiled and God smiled with me unabashedly.

Whenever I felt drowned in troubled waters,

With the bleak hope of seeing a straw,

As if planet earth was under a cataclysmic asteroid impact,

The lush green grass invisible,

And the grapes perched in delicate silence,

My shrivelled heart deprived of warmth,

I cried and God cried with me uncontrollably.

When I think of serendipitous poets

Who write about poetic adventures

And sensual ecstasy with consummate skill,

Resonating with universalism of human identity,

I feel a deep satisfaction and I am swept off

By the aesthetic beauty of their outstanding intellect.

I sing a song and God sings with me beautifully.

When I saw walls being broken

And bridges being made laboriously,

Deafening silence replaced by brotherly dialogue,

Love-drenched souls emerging from savvy grounds,

Rose gardens made in place of battlefields,

Men radiating a gentlemanly demeanour

And women smiling with love of oceanic depth,

I danced and God danced with me gracefully.

—pramila khadun

Her poetries have moved the heart of people around the globe through the hundred books of anthology that printed her works. A various awardee from many Literature groups:

  1. Reuel International Prize for writing an literature in 2015. 
  2. The inspirational poet for year 2017 for Pentasi –B under the care of Dr Penpen, based in Philippines. 
  3. As one of the Incredible women of India, having published
  1. A text book for food and nutrition for school certificate students. It is being used by seven colleges across the Island.
  2. Understanding Diabetes 
  3. Six collections of poetry 
  4. Two novels namely : When love speaks and He left everything for her.  

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“I do not believe in hoarding wealth, of things… I believe in giving and sharing and that we are the reapers of our own karma. I love humanity as a whole and consider all men as brothers and sisters. All children are  ours without any discrimination. On the whole, this is what gives me the feeling of self detached.”

My Philosophical Thoughts:. 

The minutes of our time

I have been thinking of Darwin’s theory

That living beings evolve by natural selection

And I have been thinking as well

How these living beings

May have natural extinction,

From this dimensional plane

By a natural or supernatural selection.

Without being too ceremonious or ingenious,

I this ruthless world where

Brickbats are many and bouquets few

And my pen is not yet a cow-gone-dry,

I shall cry from the canyons,

Emotions gushing through my veins,

Until my marble-skinned throat

Goes dry singing the unsung songs.

Look at the volcanoes spewing volcanic ash,

The earth shivering in fear,

The lands calling for the waters to drown them,

The social unrest, the injustice,

The totalitarian and Machiavellian rule,

The listless eyes in cavernous sockets,

Looking for a brighter tomorrow

And the tricking of the simpletons

Where men are no longer brothers.

My brain, like a train is screeching to a halt

When I think of all those facets of life,

The futility of opulence,

The elation of accomplishments false,

The cardinal sins no one cares about,

The scapegoating of the feeble,

The undeserved gains and pains,

And the angelic stature of maidens’ beat

Like worms inside the rose buds.

It is believed that a change of attitude

Favours a change of altitude.

Let us rise up, free and unimpeded,

In a togetherness bound in

An uncompromising hard-edged candour,

Recycled, immaculate and glorious

As the minutes of our time

Are hastening to their end

Slowly but surely.

__pramila khadun

Has man really evolved?

A veil of melancholy hangs over my face

When I think of the way the earth

Is reacting to the accumulated

Sins of mankind.

The prominent and pioneering leaders,

The makers of civilization,

The saints with a halo round their heads,

The reasonable and reachable trend setters,

The poets, painters, singers and path finders

Are all perched in delicate silence like grapes.

I feel so suffocated thinking of air pollution,

A nausea grips me thinking of water pollution

And noise pollution is about to make me deaf.

The sky scrapers are touching the sky

And the farthest recesses of the mind

Are being dug out to be able

To settle on the moon and Mars

When down below, children are dying of hunger,

Snowfall killing the homeless

And brothers are making walls

Instead of bridges.

Can we say that man has evolved?

Hearths and homes are many

Mourning the deaths of beloved ones

In attacks, confrontation, wars and blasts.

Nobody has time either for God or for oneself.

The rat race for amassing wealth is irresistible

As if wealth is everything in life.

When will man realize that we are all one.

The day this happens, it will mean

That man has really evolved.

__pramila khadun

comments by: Dr Jernail S Aanand

critical analysis by: Cijo Joseph Chennelil


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