“a Woman of Essence”- Nagasuseela Panchumarthi


A tough mountain, uncorrupted untempered Space and Time, a silhouette  of endurance is what life is…. when one finally releases a smile, then she found life.  “Sip the best in life, emit the essence through out, meet all pains with smiles,” Seela says.

HD final nagasuseela WOE 2019

Nagasuseela Panchumarthi, a lovely woman from Guntur, a lady-nut to crack… not by the pouring rains or roaring lions nor the earth-moving upheavals __nooooo, not Seela!She is inside that force, she seeks defines overcomesall routes not by anger or hate but by love. A character of friendships and hospitality, a giver from the heart, she is the biblical image of humility, a being of in and out beauty.

 An image of movement, the perpetual uprooting and planting, she paints life, “life blooms like a flower, coughs like toddler , snakes life a river , melodious like a dove… life can be both gloom and glow.” As a poet, she is outside the language, words comes in spontaneity; drive her pen to verses and phrases in a most paradoxical flair. Born and bred in a very traditional family: strict discipline is a must, and though an only daughter in the entire family, she was never pampered, never allowed to roam with friends to picnics, parties or movies.  Instead she has gained expertise in cooking unique dishes, painting, interior decoration. She married at 20age to a bank manager but it was when at 22age when she joined the teaching profession, that she discovered life’s reality.

Prof P.Nagasuseela is a Bi lingual Writer, Poet, Author, Editor, Critic, Translator, Short Story Writer, Motivator, Event Manager, Propagator of World Peace, Designs the Title Covers, Posters, Post Cards with Poetry on it, Painter, Interior Designer, Social Activist, a Good Host and a Culinarian, Organizer , Comperor and Sponsor of International Poetry fest.

An A-Z littéraire complice… 

She produces poetry festivals every year; presented more than  90 research papers in International Conferences & Seminars and Symposia, chaired the Sessions, Radio Talks, delivered  50 guest lectures on Communication Skills , Personality development, Phonetics, acted as Resource Persons, organized  60 Work shops, Seminars etc for teachers, lecturers and students in different colleges in our state. Her eyes glint in joy while she says, “Life, Love and Death are the three thing I’ve been constantly fascinated, mesmerized, meditated deeply for over years… without friends, parties, picnics, without TV, without watching movies, I’ve been spending life ….dedicating every minute to my teaching profession and rearing up children, looking after my parents.”

All my poetry

is the Echo of my heart

Symphony of my feelings

Replica of my mute responses

Soothing balm to solace.


My Pen – My Pal


My pen, my bosom pal, my all

Listens to my smiles and sorrows

Walks through my woes and worries

Touches my soul with rainbow hues

Dances to the tunes of my feelings

Paints my dreams and fancies

Shares my ideas and ideals

Soothes me with fine lyrics

Exposes my zeal and zest

Carves my deep inner thoughts

Gives solace to my heart and soul

Erases all my crazy fears

Sings songs of true emotions

My pen, my chum, my best pal

A fine ‘ part ‘ of my ‘soul’!

 @ Nagasuseela

asked about Life:

“Life teaches what’s life, an incessant struggle: face tsunamis __a long song with many tunes left unsung, balancing my mind and soul…I’ve been searching the real meaning of  “Life”  for decades, inquired, interacted with the elite of the world, Professors, Poets, Prophets, Scholars, and Common men…but in vain.”


 Though all roads lead to Rome,


All rifts rewind the burning problem

All words provoke only negative sense

All feelings flow into heart’s furnace

When we’re twisted in the clutches of fate


we need to be unfelt, unknown and undeterred

To fight for justice without losing confidence

An inevitable struggle to pull life…

 Though all rivers merge in the ocean,


All peace burn in the ashes of arrogance

All dreams vanish in the clouds of deception

All hopes nipped in the garden of hypocrisy

When we’re crushed in the fangs of problems


we need to forget, forgive and proceed…

To tread towards tomorrow without losing patience

An inevitable walk to push life…

 Though all that glitters is not gold


All discussions remain futile

All justice end up in vain

All values lost in the vast sands of desert

All bonds lost track on the island of chess

When we’re drowned in the tsunamis of shame


We need to be quiet, cool and strong …

To face the battle without losing hope

An inevitable war to win life…


asked about Love:

Love  is magical and infinite:  one can fill oceans with it, win lives by it, can show wonders and splendours. Love is like a concrete foundation on which everything else is built, though one shares it to all his bonds., it doesn’t  get drained, one  always finds some space to fill it. As one grows, his love to people and things, also grows and expands, perspective to love… shifts from mundane to divine.


asked about Peaces:

Life revolves round peace: at home, in life, mind, work places, society and the world. Where Peace is… there Heaven is.

Path of Peace

Went an extra mile

Through sands of poetry

Painted my words

With flesh and blood

Checked them twice

With heart and soul

Churned them deep

With love and affection

Reared well with faith

Filled them with care

Into the pen of my life

Fused with all elements

Mused all into fine rhythms

Lit the fire within

Let the senses sing 

Blissful precious songs

To inspire, to move, to touch

The lives of near and dear

To make heaven out of hell

To soar high on the path of peace


Her ‘sigh of smile’ 

Being philanthropic in nature, i feel the sufferings of people; kids, old people, i give my unconditional love and affection in all possible ways and pray for the entire humanity.

Standing before God

Folding my hands…

I pray Dear God…’See that all are well and good’

‘Let the world sail smoothly…’

Never prayed for personal things.

She organizes Poetry Fests along with her Literary partner, P.Gopichand, since 2007 saving their hard earned money, charging no registration fee, and free accomodations. “The very presence of   poets, artists, authors and publishers… serving them with pure heart and mind, with mission and passion gives me that

sigh of smile” and when I see my students reached their goals; Principals , Directors, Heads , CEOs and Secretaries of Multinational Companies and Institutions I feel, I’ve climbed Mt Everest!” But according to her, as an individual, “there’s still much to be done, the word completeness can only come when i breathe no more.”

At present she is working as Associate Professor in the Dept of English, J.K.C.College, Guntur, A.P. She is the Vice -Chairman to College Magazine, Vistruthi -Extension Activities Wing & Women’s Wing in the college. She is the Joint Secretary to All India English Teachers Association, Executive Member to Dr Jayapradamba Degree College, Kakatiya Student Welfare Society, closely associated with many educational Institutions and online groups. 

An ‘endurante’… A LADY-NUT TO CRACK!!! Suseela!!!

__ade c. 2019 Sydney Australia



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