“a Woman of Essence”- Dr. Sigma Satish


It is in aloneness that i realized moi… 

a home walk that opens my mind heart spirit to alertness!

I have always enjoyed being with friends, with the family, with a lover… where loud laughters, some disparaging sadness emanate… but when faced with such boulders of negative nebula, i suddenly pray for aloneness… a solitary corner, where i can pour out my tears, my pains, my alarming scene of death, my various misdeeds, my bleeding self-esteem… and there i find a precious gift for myself: I Must Love Me!!! __ade c.

final HD sigma WWOE 2019

Dr Sigma, an Assistant Prof in English working in a college at Trivandrum, India, is also a prolific  writer  and a poet, also an editor, reviewer and advisory board member in seven international Journals. Dr Sigma has got eleven years of teaching experience as a Professor in India and abroad. 

co-authored book HaikuShe and Taro Aizu of Japan, a well known haiku writer and peace activists,co-authored a Haiku book on 100 countries,title, ’OurLovely Earth’. The book is dedicated to Barack Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi,both world known leaders, so they may spread the message ‘world is beautiful: human beings should not destroy the harmony, spread love and peace… through out the world.’

Me too

In the laden age of insecurity,

designed by fate,

Summer sky got

embroidered by vibrant colours,

Silver oaks stood straight, 

in the shadow of dusk.

Birds flew to nest.

But everyone walked alone with everybody,

Lips remained bolted

in silent space.

Her eyes glittered into

the far corner of crowded city.

and thirsty cameras 

executed her. 

She tried to climb

topless steps of hope

Tired world 

closed its clock tower 

She swam in a pool of blood

and he got lynched in ‘me too’

Me too…

Dr sigma

She authored four poetry books and recently her ‘Feminine Blues’ got translated into Serbian language. ‘World Institute of Peace’ Nigeria, awarded her ‘World Best Poet of the year 2017’. Recently she received ‘Mirabhai Literary award’ from Organization of united working Journalist forum supported by Public Relations Department, Puri, Govt of Odisha on National Press day 2016. She is an international director of ‘World Union of Poets’ and has participated in several prestigious National and international Poetry festivals.

Sometime in 2017, Dr Jernail S Aanand and I had the chance to interview DrSigma; I asked, “how can you be so beautiful and talented… are you married? Do you have kids? Do you do household chores…please, how do you accomplish all these laurels?”

“Yes, I am married. I have one kid… a smart boy. And I do all house hold chores. I am a normal woman with infinite dreams. In fact my dreams take me to achieve these laurels.. My visualization meditation and never ending day dreams made the me in me. Of course I met a god father two years back who inspired me to publish books and chase my dreams.”

asked about her writings: 

I support, I like free speech and free expression of thoughts;  but as I live in a very orthodox society I don’t mind censoring. Yes… I always censor my thoughts and modify the theme. It is like tip of the iceberg… the real iceberg is that which we don’t see; IS THAT NOT IMPORTANT? __ when we are dealing with text?

about literary ‘madness’:

I believe poets are mad people. Many famous literary and social figures have got psychosis or some disorders… Beethoven, Ernest Hemingway, Nietzsche, Darwin, mood swings, mood disorders, dramatic depression, all quite common among genius people. So we have to do an analysis or reach a conclusion or do some research __is genius a mental disorder? So, poetic creation depends on many such elements.

Love, anger, madness are  trilogy. Madness can be evil and divine gift. I was an average student and an extraordinary dreamer and I dream high. This dream makes me write. Let it be a secret. As poets keep secret and they have such madness inherent in them. Her rich and thematically assorted poetry is characterized by ethical aspirations with an eloquent feminist, human and features of intimacy.

Dr sigma satish WOE HD photo final 2019

Ode to Love 

Night started growing 

And he approached me, 

when I messed up …

I masked pretty well 

but he flowed 

like a river in me.

I saw a man with black eyes 

who spelled secret language of

raw emotions of love.

An enchanting emotion 

to his woman. 

He mumbled himself love, 

love and love.

My heart bleeds 

suddenly and his wondrous touch 

bloomed hue of emotions in us …

Perfume of love, 

numbed our senses 

Sacred flame in his eyes 


ordered to subjugate fear forever …

And his love entwined me 

without any demands. 

He loved unconditionally. 

Under the infinite sky, 

we healed our scars


It’s the perspective and wish of the poet or the writer to make it classical. I gave the title ‘Ode to Love’, but I never followed the rules of an ode. It doesn’t follow the strophe or antistrophe or epode, this poetry can be sung, and is addressed to a person.


Vitality of utterances determines the immortality of the poet. Even I, don’t believe in rules, but I gave the title so. Once you polish a work of art beyond a limit it loses its purity..it’s beauty. Romanticism is an emotional attachment between two people… here between writers and society



Dr Sigma’s poetries are picturesquely languaged in all her writings, here i poetize the sensual fetishes: ahhhhhhhhhh… it is in aloneness… in her own little corner that every poet discovers his/her reality madness.

he kissed 

my toes

the ticklish noise

i made


his moist lips

sealing my lips 

his soul my soul 

are one.

perceptive poetry by: __ade caparas manilah

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