“a Woman of Essence”- Nargues Mohammadi


“the sky i see seems so near and reachable

yet, no one has ever reach it”

An artist is rich in creations; his colour articulations, his  blends  of shade and light… where his art speaks an ambiguous language yet, in most cases, he dies poor.

The doxa, a literary translator is far more an ‘excellent  literatura’ than any literary writer because he/she has got to extract the very soul of the written piece, before he/she could effectively translate it to another country’s language, i.e without blurring or losing the author’s imparted soul. Translation is not a mere word for word translation, rather it is choosing the right word or grouping of words from original language, to the adoptee country who will read it, it has to be understood well and accepted positively. __ade c.nargues HD final photo woe 2019

Nargues Mohammadi, a language translator from Iran, says, “Spring is the symbol of renovation and  freshness, we renovate our soul and being… hereby as the new year arrives.” A special tradition of mankind to set such table for new year, its called ‘haft sin’ according to Nargues. 

Translation has always served me as a means of transferring and sharing unique and unsaid values to the target language audience. Literary translation of Dr. Jernail Singh Anand books; an Indian intellectual and author of many spiritual works, has opened the door of possibilities to me. Possibility of sharing noble ideas and different viewpoints to the audience whose mindset and thought patterns may vary from many points.


To know, respect, share and introduce, would be the translator’s mission from my viewpoint. Translation of Dr. Anand’s “Bliss” and ” I Belong To You in Farsi, rather than awakening my spirits, received many positive feedbacks from Iranian readers at International book fair of Tehran and Mashhad in 2017 & 2018. After some time, I felt an urge to translate Stephen Guise’s best sellers ” How to be an Imperfectionist?” and “ Mini Habits” as an ointment to the open scars of today’s ambitious man, who seeks everywhere for perfection and faces no achievement.

Persian roots have absolutely impressed my personality and enriched it to the degree that I can claim Cyrus the great’s slogan, “good thoughts, good words & good deeds” has been my motto all lifelong. In young age, when I got familiar with Rumi’s “Sama dance”, which is a symbol of praying  God restlessly without any predetermined rule; I realized the essence of getting connected to God. Attar, Sa’adi, Hafez, Rumi, Avesina and other  Persian poets, mystics and other known sages have thought me to seek God somewhere rather than sky, which is too aloof and far to get close to, but within myself. I believe in the God who is as close as the neck’s vein to get connected to. That devoting life to serving those who need help, is the key to happiness.

Dr Jernail S. Anand’s “Bliss” was as an alert to my stagnant being. His words awakened my soul and flowed it in the direction of consciousness raising. I can claim that my viewpoint about life changed drastically after studying his words. sacrifice is the ultimate magic”, these lines were so inspiring and laid the foundation of my current belief, the words that i can never forget: “Men are either Indians, Greeks, English or Americans, or the Hindus, the Sikhs, the Muslims, the Jews or the Christians. Such divisions of mankind are highly illusory. The differences are purely accidental. Born in Pakistan, one becomes a Muslim and born on this side of Wagah border makes a man Hindu or a Sikh. Souls don’t carry such nomenclatures which are essential for bodies.”


asked about her philosophical thoughts: 

Look at the well of truth. 

Seek the subconscious, 

to realize yourself, not your ‘self’.           

Pass the labyrinth of 

a thousand twist,

Search for the weeds which suffer you,

Go to the battle of

your inside snakes, 

monster and insects.

Make peace with your animus

which is

the true guide.

express it

reconcile with it

with anima.

this is what

you crave for

all life long.

asked about Peace:

Those who seek Peace, may sooth the restless in different ways, however, real peace comes only if one finds his whole soul devoid of all worldly belongings… only possible way of salvation. Most of Persian poets and mystics as Sa’adi, Attar and Rumi left all possessions to start a journey which is albeit in the outside world, but in fact an inner journey to seek the subconscious being on the path of evolution. I close my eyes for some minutes to seek the ‘Why’ am I in this world and the ‘what’ true meaning of Life? Nostalgia is what I experience mostly.

asked about Love:

To me, love is the essential spark which has lit up the flame of my inner peace in life; that’s a covert pattern which must be discovered by everybody him/ herself in the path of enlightenment. Confining Love to opposite the sex, would be a false definition of such a vast concept. In fact, making love to whatever God has created, is the true meaning of love. And the answer to the question of how to love, have inner peace and go on life, is profoundly simple; make love to every bit of universe, to every living being, from plants, animals to humans and galaxies and then you can receive the reflection of love from cosmos. Inner peace would be established this way, and a peaceful life could be conducted. Rumi expresses

the power of love, 

Apart from love, 

happiness and peace won’t burgeon

Apart from love,

a full-fledged and harmonic being, won’t exist

A thousand drops, 

if shower into the sea of the cloud

Apart from love’s react,

the drop won’t change into the occult pearl


God is inside our being from the moment of our breath, but like Adam and Eve, our ‘Pride’ takes over… we need to  reach beyond God.

__ade caparas manilah 2019 sydney.


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