‘Man, the Individual Man’

‘Man, the Individual Man’ 

man is alone… an individual man

cycling a cycle for his existence

mimics nature!

doesn’t the moon

get hidden by the darkness of clouds

yet, comes back in its full glow?

doesn’t the sun’s burning heat

gets over-powered by a heavy rainfall

then back to his smiling shine?

doesn’t a star, a shooting star, fall but recovers?

doesn’t the extensive gentle sea needs to flex with the wind

but gets back to normal?

but… O’ gads!

the ‘individual man’

the best of creations

competes with God.

developed tentacles

of pride lust envy greed…

 finds himself alone in death.

__ade caparas manilah

wednesday 10:29 am  20 november 2019

sydney australia


for submission to WPC 20 nov 2019

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