Series#2 To you…“O LOVER!”

Series#2  To you…“O LOVER!” 

Love Letters Jernail w: text HD


If you were true, 

We won’t be far away,

Why these pangs?

Why separation?


Knowst thou?

Only bodies differ.

Not minds.

Souls never.

We are one in essence.

Yes, i see birds flying in a trance.

Rivers flowing and winds

Blowing in ecstasy.

Animals grazing 

Butterflies lazying in flowers.

They are not in a hurry

Except in times of turmoil.

Why are thy turmoils

So incessant? So insistent?

Thou crieth making me cry too?

O Lover!

The day says if you love me, 

Love my fog too.

Love my dog too.

How can you, you love my skin alone?

Love is not skin deep.

I am a package, 

And love is a package deal.

I am rich here and poor there.

High here, and there low.

Some flesh, some blood, 

And tending this wholesome show.

I love you too.

Fly O bird, in thy flight lies my delight!

Flow O waters! Stop you stink.

Let me too flow, O lover!

Flow is life’s immortal brew.

Join me in my mortal delight

If thou lovest me true.


21 November 2019 thursday 1:04pm 

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