“a Woman of Essence”- Syedah Maryam Igbal

O Vengeful soul!

Your abusive actions and corruption

Have not made my words to tremble,

They flow with the fluency of the sea,

They fly with the speed of the wind,

They enlighten with the swiftness of the light. 

__Maryam Igbal


The being that i am is challenged; my parking space is taken… someone i know, a neighbour, wishing to intentionally irritate provoke me to anger, urges moi to choked her, to end her breath… for it isn’t the first second ten times but always, thereby my capacity to love is challenged __ creating recreating tolerance and patience, exact calmness and avoid any confrontation. Ahhhh, this world is full of indiscreet neighbours with whom i must learn to accept, why must i bent myself to miserable ugly sickened me? __this realm of wickedness must turn into 351 horse power, a fact that everyone in this world  must learn… accept! Even a lover, a husband, a boyfriend, is being snatched… hah yes,  i own nothing, no one, but my own soul… a soul to be in its spiritual immortality. __ade c.

syed maryam woe final photo HD 2019

Syedah Maryam Igbal,  who lives in Karachi, Pakistan, a poet a writer, an author,  studies at University of Karachi, has her right eye overflows with unlimited beauty of the world yet her left eye kept  its sharpness of balance . For her, to be Challenged is to be Fulfilled.

Life, standing with all its intricateness, 

challenges me to explore myself,

Inquire the reason of my being,

But I am not alone in myself as I represent humanity,

I represent womanhood,

So the exploration goes beyond me,

                                    To find myself.

O Vengeful soul!

See! Your harsh utterances,

That once cracked my passions

Have now empowered me to fight,

Deal with all the fright,

Stand for everything that is right.

O Vengeful soul!

Behold! The little innocent creation

That was once frightful of monstrous shadows,

Unseen creatures and horrifying images,

Found everything in your disposition,

Your exploitation has given me insight.

O Vengeful soul!

Discern! Your malice, resentment and hostility

Cannot settle my destiny,

As it is in the hands of the One

That has all the might,

Over everything that is dark or bright.

__Syedah Maryam Igbal

asked about LIFE:

        Life is a gifted puzzle that makes one to inquire the reason of being. With hope in hand, you move forward and at every corner, think that destination is near, but you keep on finding the answer. The puzzle gives you a chance to win rewards for your struggle and also makes you accept your follies whenever you are unable to surpass the hindrances. But at the end, it remains a puzzle. 

asked about LOVE:

Love is sweet, kind, caring and a loveable entity. For me, love is there when you accept someone wholeheartedly with all of his merits and demerits, when you love the instability as well as the stability of a personality, when you care for someone more than you, when you find happiness in someone’s happiness and when you cannot imagine to let go that someone so important for you. I think that being loved by someone is a blessing and gives you a sense of fulfilment while to love someone is a sort of submissiveness to that person. Love is not just a bondage between a man and a woman, it can be between a mother and a daughter, it can be between a mother and a son, it can be between two sisters, it can be between two friends, in fact, the boundary of love is quite borderless. 

asked about PEACE:

Peace of mind is quite crucial if one wants to live an adorable life and this peace can be attained through self-revelation. We have to know ourselves to have tranquility of our minds. However, the peace of the world depends on its people and all the people have to understand that they have to become global citizens working for the welfare for all, not just for themselves. We, all are attached to one another as we all are human beings. We share our traits with other human beings, there should be no discrimination, no differentiation as we all are equal and no one is superior to other. Peace is only possible when we comprehend the equality of all. For a peaceful world, we have to be united, we have to be caring, we have to be loving, overall, we have to accept everyone with all of his or her human traits, whether negative or positive. We have to understand the humanness of everyone.

asked what gives her a ‘sigh of smile’:

Completeness or perfection is just a dream as per my understanding. However, whenever I compose a poetic piece, it gives me a ‘sigh of smile’ of feeling somewhat complete. Any type of creativity gives a sense of achievement and I also share the same feeling with many others. It is through words, imagination and ingenuity that I am able to witness beauty in everything around me.

Her parents who have always considered her a gem; played a major role in the moulding of her being.” My education has been greatly encouraged by my mother, and supported by my father. I am the eldest child, my two brothers and a sister, all shared a very loveable childhood.” “And becoming a mother to my son, Paras, added much depth to my personality making me more caring, sacrificing, attentive, sensitive and protective.” 

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-10 at 17.59.18

     The death of her father has traumatically affected her person, her emotion, her attitude about death, about society in general; the selfishness, the self-centred  attitude, the wrong  preferences that affect the lives of others, and the women’s unjust  subjugations, make her feel obliged to do something within her ability and capacity to help… she feels both man and woman must strike a balance of give and take.

My Inner Self

Something that threatens our existence, our origin,

Every day, every minute, every second, all our lives,

Is something that lives within us,

And is deemed exceptionally precious,

It is something that is a conundrum,

Something that keeps us restless,

In quest of some sudden revelation.

It is our struggling inner self,

Our inner self that is full of tantrum,

And is ever prepared to crush our souls.

In our combat with the exterior world,

We are able to conquer and get pearled,

But that conquest, which we have with our inner self,

Always ends up in our humiliation and defeat.

We nourish an enemy within us,

That drags us towards self-destruction and self-annihilation,

Making us helpless and flawed,

Pressurizing us to indulge in conscienceless doings,

Staining our souls with the dark permanent paints.

We are never able to liberate ourselves,

As it resides within us slowly poisoning our souls,

Reminding us of all the dark paints we used once.

Self-detachment is an art in itself and if one learns self-detachment for any sort of artistic creation, she can create masterpieces. I started writing poetry as a response to a daily one-word prompt by The Daily Post on WordPress through my website www.writcrit.wordpress.com… Self-detachment makes me enter a self-illusionary world that is full of colours.  

Sometimes, witnessing 

the whirling winds, 

the running clouds, 

the glaring sun

a piece of stone… 

detaches me 

from myself

transform enter me

into entities 

living and non-living. 

Syedah Maryam Igbal

Email Address: mxmaryam@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.writcrit.wordpress.com

comments by:  Dr Jernail S Anand               

critical analysis by: Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil


 to follow upon publication

“a Woman of Essence”- Bernadette Manahan Sta Maria


     in most instances, living beings: humans, in its endless struggle to survive in comfort; animals, in its search for food, rocks rivers mountains trees, in retaining their nature against human’s destructions, etc. etc., all survive in this planet earth, shadowed by convulsions of predicaments, desires, needs, lethargy of boredom , distress, and an imaginable urge to destructions like war!

bernadette final HD w:sig ade woe 2019

Bernadette Manahan Sta Maria,  

an extra-ordinaire artist in her congenital  convulsion to create project beauty love peace, through her brushes  and canvass, hails from the Philippines… now resides in Carson California LA. __her shade of lights and darkness expresses the inner beings of her subjects…  detailed in emotion! It is my passion to do portraits of people because it gives me a feeling of completeness and accomplishment.”

    “Life is a gift from God. I am grateful to Him who allows me to enjoy to the fullest my life. Through its chaotic miserable multi- routed threads,  i discover the guiding light, i find direction and discover the purpose, it becomes meaningful and satisfying.” 

     She believes life is meant to be shared   with  love ones… creating good memories. When she was a little girl, she would stare at people’s faces sketching their images in her mind, “little did I realize that there’s a streak of art in me trying to unleash… blank paper and pencil were my constant shadow”. Though her parents hardly looked at  the ‘aficionado her’, she would scramble at her sibling’s notebook blank pages, where she  used to get into trouble, get punished for what they believed was foolish. “There are artists in our family  though I can’t say my kind of art originated from them. “.



 She believes her talent is a gift from God,  “I touch people’s lives through my portraits and I feel very much connected with them-, so priceless peaceful… I can’t imagine my life without this episodic repertoire where i draw my strength, love, inspirations. I have a feeling of self-detachment whenever i get inspired, my passion moves me and I’m just carried away, it’s unstoppable, like a flowing stream at the height of a rain-pours… PEACE get my spirit and mood together.”


Bernadette poeticises her life’s philosophy:


giving sharing is a gift 

i can give without loving 

but i can’t love without giving

i can’t give what i don’t have

so i’m sharing and giving 

i touch people’s lives

through my gift of portraiture

feeling  connected accomplished 

within my heart and soul… PRICELESS!

some of bernadette’s works

48429763_291040844794334_1188634780443344896_n          60117304_1256275917868083_5952683750084050944_n           60469576_3358711807487534_3532382087225016320_n




one of her in-process work (“SUMAN” unfinish) , and

moi, as  a philosophique poétes: 





and two


and four

is ten…

a number

of perfection

my inner moi

my outer moi

 are one

in spirit


my soul.

__ade c. 2019 sydney nsw australia

Comments by: Dr Jernail S. Aanand

Critical Analysis by: Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil

to follow upon publication:





“a Woman of Essence”- Bina Singh

i conquered:  time

     Time, a programmed being, the villain of human Body and Soul, is a power beyond  the live thinkering-thoughts of all living beings… all living beings are in ‘on-time-being’, dependants of Time. Time has no soul, free of thoughts, devoid of will, an immortal being having an unseen body yet comes in the most powerful spirit of momental space. 

     A body is only alive while in onsoul-being’, its spirit manifests its on-time being’.  If human beings are always in ‘on-time-being’, it would be the most powerful authority on earth but an unruly chaotic world, like a prolonged wailing of a cat, a metaphorical statuette of both meaningful and buffoonery arts, sans detachment nor restraint, a post-awardee of nausea, collapse, ruin! __ade c.

HD final Bina 1 woe 2019Bina Singh, in high existence of her ‘on-soul-being’ her spirit, is in control of time from that very first moment of her earth existence. As shared by her mother, “the day i was born, my grandmother didn’t give lunch to my mom for having birthed a girl, they wanted a son, a male child…“My grandmother didn’t want me, but my father raised me with love and affection though i grew up in a feudal Rajput family conservative and patriarchal domination. “


     As a child, she had that obsession of being a dancer, some passion for theatre, a celebrity… picturing herself as  a most beautiful attractive girl-angel __but conservative opinions always had a say, however, she was able to perform at her christian school stage festivities, where she became a good fluent English speaking woman. Her desire to study Behaviour Psychology and Clinical Psychology was aborted deprived erased… O! … because a girl could not travel abroad; she aspired to go to US for her higher studies- instead she took English Literature as her major, obtained her PhD from BHU  Varanasi and later go for teaching as directed decree from her father. 

pic 3 copy

shattered dreams 

secret teardrops


not allowed

time wasn’t

in agreement

but wait

i shall conquer 


     Her literature fascinations: American literature, European literature, Indian literature, Feminist literature… where she practices employs teaches in drama, fiction, poetry and literary theory; a Teacher for the last 36 years: American Institute of Indian Studies language program Varanasi  and University of Wisconsin College year in India for nine years.

       A fun loving passionate young girl, she loves fashion, hanging out with boys, drinking, smoking doing all the crazy things… in love twice, her teenage crushes but consistently battered by time of strutting horses of conservatism … until her arranged wedding at 18 age. At age 23, she had her 2 daughters fathered by a caring husband but extremely possessive.

     A time conqueror, she knows no defeat, “Now, I teach write poetry with passion; directs theatres, loving  flirting  with life.” Single with two daughters and a son, all independently sufficient; three grandchildren, a daughter in law and two sons in law. “ I live alone,  do whatever I feel like, still struggle, but i explore life; I am a hard core optimist, surrender is not my cup of tea. I  love the challenges. I celebrate every moment, because the more you celebrate , the greater and deeper becomes the Joy of living, enriching adding more colours to my landscape .”

     Her second marriage failed because the man she loved and married, deceived her, ditched her and fought with her family. “ I am again alone with my three children, my supporting pillars. It is a real burden to belong to a conservative traditional society.” Her on-time-being’  is very much under  her control; vibrant and vivacious… not afraid to fall in love again!

   A much acclaimed lady poet, Poet Festivities organizer, member of various academic and socio-cultural bodies; authored 7 books: 1.) Jhanvi keeps me afloat: a collection of poems 2.) Kingsley Amis: The social satirist 3.) Spoken English (a book of situational conversation) 4.) Unsung Melody: anthology of poems 5.) In Search: a collection of poems. 6.) Social Satire in the novels of Kingsley Amis. 7.) Sajde Mein: a collection of poems in Hindi in press. Dr. Singh has published articles, research papers, poems in international and national books and journals… reflecting the esoteric and mystical realms of womanhood: 

“These   depict my passionate craving to reach the unreachable.”

Return of a New Dream

Every day dawn breaks through my window

Giving life a new day

Ripples of silvery waves

bina singh -4 copy

 Face of Love

You are the architect

You designed every brick of this house

Giving it the proper shape and size

This beautiful house is yours

I am only a hostage

Oh my landlord

Release me from this golden cage 

I am only a woman

No Saint

Let me sit on the throne of ecstasy

Let me taste the bliss of passion

Let me live in the mansion of love

Because before I leave

I want to see the real face of Love

bina maam 25.05.19 copy

Return of a New Dream

Every day dawn breaks through my window

Giving life a new day

Ripples of silvery waves

Floating on the grey wall

Dispelled the grim darkness

Light filtering through the casement

Entered within me

Giving birth to a new consciousness

Recalling Tagore’s words that

Faith is the bird

Which sings while dawn is still dark

I recollected my fallible being

Holding new promises

I moved towards a new road

But the alien path faltered my steps

Fear of being knocked

I retreated

Next morning, once again

The morning star knocked at my window

I pulled down the shutters

Allowing the light to enter

Whisper of a new dawn, gave the courage

To move once again

And I took the road not taken

Conquering fear, I met the dust storm

Yellow smog, blurred my vision

Fear of failure gripped me again

HIS shelter was beyond my reach

The thick smoke gradually took me

In its ravishing embrace

Blocking possibility of escape

With fallen faith

I closed my eyes

Wishing the return of a New Dream


Prohibition didn’t work in the garden of Eden

Satan succeeded in tempting Eve

Eve provoked Adam

And he ate the apple

The eternal curse fell

The ceaseless legacy continued

Inherited and transferred from generation to generation

The imperishable burden

Continued to weigh existence

Timelessly, both Adam and Eve wandering, seeking the shore to unload the burden

Denied, sailing against the trade winds

Destined to drown

Misty din, and grey fog

Hanging low, shadowing the light

Their fragile bark, trembling on the limitless deep

Baffled, frightened, sterner holding the oar

Oh Moses! Son of Abraham

Will you once again walk on the turbulent ocean

I plead for mercy

Seeking, striving, looking helplessly

Towards you

Bless me, the liberation

I long for.

comments by: Dr Jernail S Aanand                                    (upon publication)

critical analysis by: Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil


“a Woman of Essence” – Barsha Kumar


voluptuous when, a being an object is pleasurable…

                                        a passion fruit is voluptuously desirable. 

a poetry a poet is a voluptuous release of literature; makes one hallucinate to an extreme sensual moods, feels an erotic pleasure of language; the singling of verses, the mix-match  phrases, the intentionally mis-spelled word,  creates the tingles;  one gets obsessed with the  formulae, imaging a virtual intercourse with thoughts, frames an orgasmic moment in time. 

Barsha latest HD woe 2019

Barsha Kumar, a young university student, has captured the voluptuousness of literature, the  orgasmic pleasure of reading in sophisticated height __only a very highly intellectual can attain. __ade c.

 Life is the Odyssey of where, we strive to find one’s purpose of life, a  journey where, at every step of living one inhume experience (experience that is weaved by the naked moment of living) and collect memories-memory , that is nothing but the phenomenon of the present; a journey where Love is the pain and the pain that is decked  with chaos; sometimes we run , sometimes we walk and sometimes we skip some steps.  And in this journey, life seeks peace – when the path gets scandalized by infidel impatient demonstration towards the fragility of life. At the end , life love peace __when chaos crowns the existence of the being. Life love peace eventually when death enlighten our being, the truth, that Life is nothing but, the free will of death.” __Barsha Kumar

Prof Cijo Joseph Chennelil, a great Critic comments:  “When an exceptional writing is presented by a budding poet, I need to write a critical appreciation on that. The eternal truth about this life is that it is an ongoing process till it reaches a dead end. In this journey of ups and downs we strive to locate the naked truth regarding it… and  as the life progresses, the bitter truths bombard it thick and fast. The realisation dawns upon at the end that the experience of love is surrounded by many pitfalls. It is also fraught with turmoil of extreme pedigree. We human beings resort to different dimensionalities and manifestations to tide over the difficult situation. But, at the end peace is ushered in. When the forces of domination apply intimidation, the bitter truce is arrived at. The liaison of love with peace is the final outcome. Amidst the calmness, the simmering peace is unleashed.The peace of love is accomplished through the only reality here on this earth called death.The birth is meant for death and even life is a journey towards death. Kudos to you for writing such an exquisite and profound creative piece Barshaji.

Asked: When that feeling of being self detached?

     Detached or being disconnected from one’s own-being is a chaos in par say. For me, this feeling is at it’s epitome-when my pen abandons me and my muse divorces me. I feel self detached-when I am reading poetry and still I am lost. I feel self detached when only blood run in my veins and my heart keeps beating like a machine to remind that-I am inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. For me, words are life and when I am unable to write and read, it is the extreme height of self detachment. It becomes like :  My whole existence gets caught in the dungeons of misery __ when the sullen muse divorces my confidant __ my pen. This would clearly express my situation of self detachment:

dreaams wOe


the broker of hope 

has bid the price highest,

in the auction of past;

happiness has its hands broken,


pain has its grip tighter,

with the handful jewels of grief and remorse.

the soul of solitude 

are here as witnesses,

they’ll indite every action

with scars eternal,

in the panorama of my being.


the soul of my soul,

reported to my soul:

the night is getting restless,

with the snared flames of the meek heart.

the blooming xewalis 

intoxicated the Nightingale too.


I listen a whisper:

“the night is not mine.”


I need a morning draught

to resurrect my nonexistent being

in this callous bazaar of existence.

But, Alas!,

pity to me.

the sun refuses to shine.

Asked:  Touch back your roots, whether positive or negative how it moulded your being(parents marriage, environment etc).

Every person should be connected to their roots to keep track of their journey of life-from where they started. I feel my roots in the heart of my mother’s existence. She existed-so I exist. She is the one who moulded my being. From the days of me getting bullied in school to getting admission in one of the best University of the country; she was an ease there by my side teaching me-‘why we should never quit’. When I was in school-I was being bullied for being the shy student. That experience moulded my whole being. It taught me -no matter what the world says about you- it is you who needs to have faith in yourself and yes, there is always lights the end of the tunnel.

 “Talking about my depression days: I suffered from acute depression and chronicle anxiety disorder and I was on the verge of committing suicide. It was that phase of my life where quitting was only the option, that I choose to embrace. In this worst phase of my life, it was my mother my family who taught me to be alive again. This phase of my life, taught me the greatest lesson that cannot be found in any chapter of any book. It taught me to face challenges; to take risk ; to embrace change and to smile . It taught me, no matter what-everything is worth at the end.”

     “My University life-my graduation days and my master days are teaching me that there are many beautiful souls present in this world.”

Asked: Your philosophical thoughts?

    I believe, I maybe   too young to build any; but I believe, we , human beings should be like water-we should inhume experiences-filter the negative and take the positive; and keep flowing in ones own direction without paying heed to other.

    I believe if it isn’t not in our hands to do anything good for others-then at least, we Should not do anything that could harm anyone. 

     I believe-we should, in this life, believe-with every beautiful thing in this life comes to an end: we should accept this fact and should keep moving on in life-with the beautiful memories.

     I would like to say , time is the master of our life-so things that are not in our hands-should be left for time-to be taken care of__a glimpse of my philosophical thought…”


be soft..

and let the seeds of kindness

that you sowed in your veins,

sprout in profusion,

to bear the buds of self – love,

that’ll bloom the flowerets 

of eternal love.


be patient.

and allow this floweret of heavenly love

blooming in your veins,

to blossom…

without labouring

to unfurl its strange petals,

before the pleasant shower of time.


be calm

be serene

be docile..

and inherit the hues

of this cherubic floweret of love,

as with each passing season,

it unfurls its strange petals.


and then,

be composed

and let oneself to flow

like the quiet river

with all the fragrances of love.

—- love in making. __©Barsha Kumar

Asked:  what gifted talent/talents you have shared to humanity, that gives you sigh of smile of feeling?

     I feel, my most gifted talents is that : I am able to write. Whenever, there is a chaos or crisis in the society, I express it with my words. And whenever, someone or anyone of the society reads my write-up and become enlightened; that is the time, when I feel, the “sigh of smile” feeling. I believe, words are mightier and the pen holds more potential. If we are able to change only person of the society for the betterment, then, I feel it is an achievement in per say. With our words, it is the least contribution, that we can contribute towards the humanity; and whenever, I am able to do that, it is utmost satisfaction, that I feel.

Poem 1

When the clear sky gets bejewelled

By the shimmering darkness –

I undress my soul.

 When the loathing moon gets veiled

By a layer of dark crazy clouds –

I unknot the knots of my soul.

When the burning stars get shrouded

By a fabric-ed piece of helplessness –

I un-stitch my ripe wounds.

When the serpentine parched streets 

Of the frenzy city,

Lies underneath a cacophonous silence –

I dig my hollow chest

To pluck out my bruised heart.

When the baying wind of the tragic night

Starts to dance nakedly-

I slit my veins;

To drain out every plagued emotion.

When the fleeting seconds

Arrests the impecunious night -I bathe in grief.

And; By the dawn

My naked corpse Is all embellished-

to kiss the pale rays of the rising sun;

To make love to a wavering day.

__©Barsha Kumar

Poem 2

After the whole Universe hid itself

Beneath the blanket of stillness,

The shimmering darkness of the deep night,

clandestinely delivered to the moon,

My dilapidated letter-

The letter — where I wrote 

The last weeping words of my festering wish,

That begged the night 

To halt some seconds of this hostile-fading time,

for ME.

The moon sighed.

The moon’s sigh sighed me.

The letter was reduced into dust —

That was being blown away

By the dawn’s hovering breezes.

The ruly sun grafted to me the dark morning.

I chanted the morning Chorus with the larks,

And decked my corpse,

With the lifeless memories,

To bid farewell to the lifelong burdening existence,

And to embrace the blissful obliviousness.


Plenitude of dreams were slaughtered.

Plethora of wishes remained unfulfilled.


I didn’t get few unending seconds

To mourn over my death;

The voice of my grief-less grief faded,

Without being heard.

__©Barsha Kumar

comments  by: Dr Jernail S Anand (upon publications)

“a Woman of Essence”-Hela Tekali


crushed in spirit, torn and feeling helpless, a cone of ice cream dropped from a child’s hand__ no way to have it back… for it had melted with the sand… a lover, who, i now watch marching the aisle with his newly gotten bride… a winning lottery ticket which i accidentally have thrown in the bin! 

Hela Tekali asserts, “…….we are only conscious of our Ego and unconscious of our Higher Self…the Ego blotting out our true vision…….”

    hela tekali-2018Hela Tekali, a spiritual poetess, born in Notre Dame, Tunis, married and have three girls__a Sunni, a  Muslim of extreme faith for Allah… her only love. She professes that she always had a special inclination for sufism and mysticism, the source of her spontaneous, authentic, bare, and hyper sensitive mind __ much misunderstood by her surroundings, parents, relatives, husband. Most often she has to isolate herself to bend-worship to her Beloved God. Through her ink , she bleeds her thoughts:

Poem 1

Mystic Flute

Give me thy flute
Let me play with thy soul
A strange music
That resonates with thy beats
Thy sky is infinite
Stars are your humming notes
Just remain silent
While my soul plays its cosmic rhymes
Everything lies in my heart
It reveals its magic through my flute
There is no end to our love
Holding your poetry temple
Are you listening thou Lord
To my mystic flute blossoming like a flower
Give me they grace
to build my Seven seas
Give me thy rays
To play with flash of light
Give me thy beams
To dance with thy moon
It is the alchemy of Love
Performed by my mystic flute
Let me compose my music
To keep pace with the harmony of the soul.

An English teacher, at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Tunis, Tunisia. “ I am self- detached” from the exterior world since I felt my authenticity, and high sense of spirituality were not comprehended, and far from being understood by the secular environment where I live.” She has recently published three books:

Halos of Light published in June 2015

The Quest Of Love published in June 2017

The Soaring of my Soul in February 2018

“Life is a dream we have to realise. We are in control of our life as long as we keep ourselves stubborn and tough and be tied to our objectives. I see ambition and self confidence are the true essence to achieve our dream… ambition without self confidence is like a dream without essence.”

Poem 2


hela tekali-2018

There is a voice That whispers In my ears

Pulling me Away from

The erupted Volcanoes

That battered My soul

With weird Fear. 

There is A voice

That knocks M’y door

Warning my heart

From Sudden Blocks

And my Mind From Intense Shocks. 

I will Listen To that voice From within

To guide My path In between The door, 

And My ears Through The gate Unseen. 

Not let My heart And soul again

Squeezed by The confusing Tornadoes Of sin. 

Jenayah Hela

Spiritual Poetry 08/07/15

“…….we are only conscious of our Ego and unconscious of our Higher Self…the Ego blotting out our true vision, many people reject that mystical truth that hides the mystery of the whole universe __so much importance to the conscious , the ‘I’, weakening the power of the unconscious which in reality holds the secrets of all those questions raised by man! Mystics have this incredible power of putting on the light by switching on the lamps of the insight while scientists crave to study the light but the light could not be studied without being conscious of the presence of the higher self , the over self which seems to govern and take control of a tremendous part of our existence.” Jenayah Hela, The Power of the Overself, Copyright 26/05/18

Poem 3 

“Mystic Universe”

I have visited all places
But none to my taste
I made many encounters
Been to the temples of inspiration
But yours is the best
To eat the food of wisdom
I wandered in the deserts of loneliness,
Like a lost pilgrim looking
Desperately for the light
Then you hold my hand and take me to the Valleys of hope
There I learn the essence of love
And dwell in the mirage of eternity
Above the skies my soul flew
To purge its melancholy
And tranquil its saddened grief
I bathed in your sacred river
And wore the garments of love
And saw the mystic face of desire
You lit the candle of my burning heart
I saw the glittering passion with eyes of my soul
The Moon illuminated the concealed curtain of my heart.
Light of love rose from the bosom of my blooming soul
From the breast of the sleepy universe
Angels intimately appear in the clear moon light
Dancing joyfully under the chorus of clouds while as lovers we breathe and merge into the oneness of the clear-sighted, mystic universe. 

By Hela Jenayah Tekali

“Love is the night that soothes me, the day that cuddles me the sky that inspires me, the earth that spoils me. Love is the tree that bears me its fruits, the thorn that blooms without roots.
Love is the sadness and the pain , the loss and the gain, the rose and the prose, the water that floats, the light that glows , the halo that swells and grows.” 

Jenayah Hela Tekali

     Life is a dream we have to fully pursue bearing in mind the love of God .Life and love are two faces of the same coin, two aspects innately connected with the divine nature in us, and to quote Shams Tabrizi ‘s famous saying, ” We have to discover our inner divine spirit, and live accordingly by it. I have never felt more divine than when your spirit melted with mine. Life and love , two identical aspects, should be conceived as a perfect manifestation of His love to us.

     Peace is peace of mind, but peace of mind cannot be reached without inner peace, inner love, or even inner life.

Peace Maker

“ All my life I long for peace,

To find what makes myself complete.

I opened my Eye to welcome your bliss

I rose from ashes to stand on my feet.

Peace is the supreme state of love

Forgiving the past, and living in the present

Rain streaming on your inner being from above

Cleansing your bruises , and allowing your ascent.”


 perceptive translation:

ade hd woe perceptive poetry 2019

 my life flies with the wind, singing with the streams, dancing with the clouds, kissing the blades of grass, wallowing feeding, in my ecstasy of existence, melting at the sight of dawn to be in one with you…ahhhh… my love will ever be!__ade caparas manilah

comment by: Dr jernail S Aanand and critical analysis by: Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil 

(upon publication)

“a Woman of Essence”Maureen Shyamala Rajamoney,

Flexibilis, a latin word…

an autumn leaf flies with the wind and as it falls on a running stream…

it glides shimmers in brilliance, when the ray of sunbeams bestows. 

Yet, if it finds itself onto an undesirable rock,

it still struts pose canter gallop… spousing such strength and life,

like lovers who can still make love in the midst of destruction 

or politics that still toast a glass of champagne after a defeat… HD final 1 maureen woe 2019

 Maureen Shyamala Rajamoney, loves the bubbles, the crusts to turn golden brown of every life’s  moment,  encounters and accept them with joy! I look at it as a “see-saw with ups and downs.” Her crown of thorns is turned to crown of garland.

 A Dip.Ed, B.Ed (TESL) M.A. Phd  Eng.Lang.Studies,  daughter of Edwin Davies Jenson Rajamoney and Rani Rajamoney nee Victor, comes from Malaysia. Her faith in God is her key to happiness, peace of mind and heart… “I act on what I am fitted to; see that other people can benefit from it; and more so to learn from it. In time to come, one’s life may change because of that seed planted and this leads to a more satisfying life.” ups and downs. 

Poetising her concept of Life Love Peace

wind gushing through my hair 

raising the balanced plank 

my feet simply soothe 

coming down 

a task 

needs no effort

life is such! 

so with love 

with a partner 

takes two to play 

both sides rhyme  

more players more players

playing on the see-saw

laugh, as i experience the wind

peace smiles.Maureen Shyamala Rajamoney

When, how, why, have you felt that feeling of ‘being self-detached’?

      “I never had the feeling of ‘being self-detached’ as I appreciated my growing up days. Through thick and thin, I managed to climb the ladder. I believe that from brokenness, one is ‘purified’ and thus one should accept whatever there is on their plate. It was in my twenties that I learnt to bear the pains all by myself. With endurance, time had its healing power for all the pains I felt and this made me a strong woman. I know now that not all the time there will be pricks and thorns but there will always be calmness after a storm in due time. Time is and will always be on everybody’s side.”

mawreen WOE sig final HD 2019

“Brought up in a strict but a loving environment,  my sisters and I grew up placing God first in our lives… my parents being the pillars of our strength, mental and spiritual state of my being, prayers are always my tool of conversation with God. Education  is my focus… all four, i and my sisters are in the arena of education, moulding youngsters to be better citizens of the country __thus make us all the products of universities. From a girl to a young lady and now a woman, I appreciate the way and reasons our parents saw me through.”

THE TRACK (she poetises her life’s philosophy)

I choose the rough and bumpy track

As I walk and stroll along an unknown path.

Across the greens of long unprunned grass,

My heart rattles and skin crackles

Even with such careful life and routine,

I played, sang and danced.

To the music of unwanted symphony

The journey with emotions and nature’s aroma

Thoughts of boundaries and sense of queries.

Falling leaves speak volumes

Amidst blooming greeneries

Then I wonder, the reasons of dryness.

The reasons of oddness

As I watch the path

leading to more humps.

I carry on walking

There is no way for boulders

to gamble the path.

Walk and I will see

Through the faded night

Because after night, comes morning.


I will choose the rough and bumpy track

A track no one chooses.


maureen origginalpoto  THROUGH THE SHUTTERS 

The tiny leaves handing from the branches,

The thin twigs waiting to fall off,

The branches waving their greens,

The thick bark holding them all.

Over to the left the clear skies,

Clouds hovering the sunlight,

Deciding on the water works,

It can take away all that is bright.

But beyond and yonder

There is a wonder.

Who made the blunder?

There is famine, war and hunger.

Here we sit looking through the shutters.

Be still and allow God.

Walk without shoes,

Pain without tears.

Play it for the lost,

With chords of love that cost.

For it is only with that seed,

Is when you can reap.

POEM No. 2                        


Commonly said,

Life is but a bed of roses

Nature of its petals

Beautiful voluptuous passion.

Still common,

Thorn among the roses

Prickly as it is

Part of the stalk.

Above all,

People always think

Roses have thorns

Spoiling the grasp.

But think,

Thorns have roses

Depicting protectiveness

Crown of thorns said it.

Realise this,

Love can speak in roses

Expressing messages

In many colours.

Then again,

Truth needs thorns

So being sharp

It hurts.

POEM No. 3          


Why do you look at me

As an unclothed?

Instead see me

As a dutiful warrior.

Why do you label her

As a rotten egg?

Instead see her

As times changed.

Why do you shun him

As an outcast?

Instead see him

As a different, talented player.

Why do you blast them

As  hopeless people?

Instead  see them

With a jewelled crown.

If I were you,

I would give her an umbrella

Let me walk in the rain.

I would clothe her, Let me be naked.

I would give him the ball

Let me play with him

I would fix that crown

Let me get dirty.




Email: maureenshyam@gmail.com

mobile number – +60164401469 


Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, W.Malaysia 


Comments by:  Dr Jernail S Aanand, 

Critical Analysis by: Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil     (to follow  at publication)



“a Woman of Essence” Leena Rajan


determined to reach  the meaning of existence, 

acquire knowledge and reason, 

discover philosophy of mind, of language, 

to find  God.

determinabilis, synonymous  with LIBERTY? or POWER? i am furious at someone who i felt was trying to embarrass me on public press, i wish to punch him on the face, but i don’t have that  liberty, because that could land me to jail… but would i have the power to punch him? __ definitely if i am determined, i can punch him, that is power.

leena HD final WOE 2019

 Leena Rajana painter, an artist, a dancer, a poet, a wife, a mother… a godly woman… a power! throughout her existence carries that determinabilis, the power!  Her streaks of talent are from her Dad’s DNA, who besides being an engineer excelled in all  athletic wind directions. Leena, at age 5 was a dancer to the great amusements of her family and friends and at age 10, she was into music, a darling at all fields__topping wherever/whatever she endeavoured to include biology drawings for her teacher.

     One of her weapons, restraint of complaints… existed in her shell of power, her mind as weightless and empty as a flute at euphonic level tous les temps, sighing with a smile __ suffocating and depressing atmospheres were some kind of desert, she  threw away. ’Lord’s invocation through out, “Shrimad Bhagavadam” is to lift ourselves and I could escape from all youthful desires and cravings, to include travels.”

    Though marriage piqued all her youthful desires to a simple home caring: strings of kitchen vermicelli, piety, bed, music, violin, car driving, crochet, embroidery, sewing, painting, poetry and giving-in to in-laws rules, submit to a husband’s demand, made her main assigned goal; to care for their only son, yet her determinabilis character, filled with enthusiasm, with the thirst for music, arts, study of philosophy, psychology, teaching, still won for her all her degrees and postgraduate degrees after marriage, while performing her duty as a mother and wife and as an in-law, “I practiced enforced  myself to empty  my mind of anger, hatred, jealousy, grudge, ego, all rhythm  of negativities… embracing each and every moment with love, like singing or listening to a song in ecstatic repertoire without discord.”

two of her paintings


she poetises her philosophical thoughts:

My deeds are for sole intrinsic pleasures::

Banyan tree with its innumerable, Branches, and width does startle,

But haven’t we doubted, how can it, Be supported to exist ?

Gradually, tendril- like structures, Growing from its branches,

That extend, to earth, we see,

To develop a strong hold on earth.

To be formed as roots., To be gradually strong as, Trunk itself, supporting, The tree, wildly, spread.

Selfless helps ours, to others, Support us without our knowledge, Supporting just like those roots , Soulfully we need to live only,

Deeds ours in daily life, Determine bliss ours of life.

Leena Rajan©,

All copyrights reserved, 14 – 5 – 2019.

Poem 1          My love ... 

Oh! Beloved, my hale and hearty dream

A sagely simple girl’s desire and dream 

How I can show my joy and solacing dream 

My love lofty, to merge with you in dream

With my fingers sacred skilled in garlanding, 

Fragrant flowers for Almighty and saluting 

How can I write a letter of love, gorgeous

And fiddle a love song fairly joyous

My tongue, trained only for divinity’s chanting 

How I can use to make an amorous singing 

My legs knowing paths soully  to Temple

How can I use to dance passionately graceful.

Cupid’s arrows why you directed cunningly to me 

With concealed secret embraces gleefully to me 

Of loving each day of appreciating wonders

To love and be loved with emoting eminence 

Oh! Sweet heart, of joy gallantly rapturous

Oh! My Signet ring gifter of purity glorious

When do you come again with sweet notes splendorous 

And unforgettable mirth of flourishing elegance.

Leena Rajan©,

All copyrights reserved, 14 – 5 – 2019.


Poem 2.       Soul’s Grief:::

Dreaming, he will come,

During full-moon of spring time, 

Delightful in night in calm,

Duly focussed on door of home.

Spring has already come

Snow moon already has come 

Saving, he alone has not come, 

Still she waits for him to come.

One footsteps nearby if heard, 

Outside home in the road, 

Hiding tears and unfaded, 

Hankering, she ran ahead.

Some knocking if heard, 

Supposing him to be around 

Soundless she waited behind, 

Surprisingly for door to be opened.

None has yet arrived,

None has yet realised, What her soul’s grief is; 

yet, Waits she for sweet past.

Leena Rajan©

All copyrights reserved. 14..5…2019.

Poem 3   Blooming Blossom:::

Oh dazzling, dancing, blossom, the queen, of 

Nature Verdant tendril reared fragrant flower

Cradled by gentle breeze in foliage tender

With lullaby of rustling leaves’ soothing murmur.

Swinging and nodding at dawn to the songs of birds 

Gaming with the youngster siblings the buds

In milky soothing moonshine, your bath

Learning glimmering star’s universal truth

Enter you the glowing stage of Joyous youth.

With blushes and glow became you an epitome of purity, 

Crazily revolved butterflies around your simple soft beauty, 

All, even sages gazed at your beauty opulent

Buzzing bees intoxicated by your honey pleasant

But alas, plunging each in deep despair

To the earth slowly with Grace did you retire

Inconstancy indubitable of the universe, a lesson taught so eternal 

Sad young playmates the buds wailed powerful

That they also will follow suit that’s foreseeable.

Baby spiders slowly gave you a silky pall lovingly 

Dew drops a lustrous wreath so reverently 

Proclaimed you before merging with the soil 

Memories of anyone’s worth alone are immortal 

Exhorting good deeds while alive of any mortal.

Leena Rajan©,

All copyrights reserved, 14 – 5 – 2019.

perceptive translation      

poem 1                                            My love … 

ade caparas manilah

dotism founder *philosophique poética  Co- Founder  * designer artist poet

ade hd woe perceptive poetry 2019

                                           i sing to you of love

i praise your presence with love

i dance for you in love

i am a multi-petaled blossoms

in the purity of white essence

i bloom on your showering mists

i thirst for your lips

the touch of your hands

O my Lord of Lords, my King of Kings!

__ade caparas manilah

wednesday 2:47pm 29 may 2019

sydney nsw australia



Dr Jernail S Aanand

philosophique poética  President/ Founder Poet/Philosopher



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critical analysis

Prof.  Cijo Joseph Chennelil

Director philosophique poética Critic Author Poet




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“a Woman of Essence”-Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo


uttering words for a little child is like a song…

for an old woman, it is a  mumbling whisper…

to a poet, it is  a magic word to grind, to spin, to roll

words of pleasurable composition, an obscurantism  of poetry.

HD final elizabeth E Castillo WOE 2019


Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo, a writer a poet an editor, a reviewer, a humanitarian… a woman of utterance… a Filipina.

It was twilight time, a day before her birthday… a little girl of 4age, her elbows rest on a window pane  while  her hands support her cutie chins, her big rounded eyes focus at a cadena de amor vining blooms… her thoughts feasting on words upon words she herself hadn’t the idea what it was about. 

“Elizabeth,” her mom called, “dinner time, i cooked your favourite dish anak (connotes a loving tender address, my child in Pilipino language)!  The then collapsed to now…today soon, she’ll be 46age, those words, she remembers…  the uttering words of today’s reality. 

The Phantom’s Shadow

Through the dark night on a starless and pale moonlight

He lurks from behind, nowhere to go to

Just wandering the streets, hiding from the crowd

His sullen face masked

But beyond that scarred countenance is a dark past

That continues to haunt him down.

He may be aloof, be misunderstood by silly, shallow people

Deep down he has a gentle heart

Yet hardened by great blows he has yet to forget.

In each one of us is the phantom’s shadow

Longing for more than just empathy

We struggle so much to find our niche in this judgemental world

To be embraced by all despite our frailties, shortcomings and flaws.

Why can’t the world just leave him alone

And erase the stigma of him being different from the rest, an outcast?

Give him space to breathe, to live peacefully, have his share and prove his worth?


Through the dark alleys, there is where he hides

Hoping his day would finally come and can break free from the chains

Like any one of us all he wishes for is to find true happiness

And all he’s asking from strangers is a little kindness

Everyone of us long to be accepted for who we are

To fit in the crowd and not be left out

How do we bring forth peace in this world

When all we do is throw stones at each other instead of living harmoniously?

Elizabeth E. Castillo © 2010

Elizabeth is the eldest child of Roberto N. Castillo (deceased) and Elisa Castillo, a religious woman, head of the Adoration Chapel at the Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage.  She was born on August 19, 1973… composed poetry during her elementary days… enhanced further when Reuel Vidal became her mentor. Her writing skills exploded to brilliant gems when she became a news reporter in Antipolo Post and later, a news correspondent in Antipolo Star… winning an international competition organized by Barry Mowles’ Destiny to Write Publications based in UK, last December 12, 2012,  she won a free publication of her first international poetry book “Seasons of Emotions”.

asked about LIFE LOVE PEACE

Life is the greatest gift from the Almighty, his love for mankind… our borrowed life, we must live fully meaningful, inspiring, enriching with a purpose. It is a spiral, with continuum, infinite, without boundaries as it goes on and ceases to decease long after the physical body breathes no more for our soul is immortal, eternal.”

Love is a life-giving force-the ultimate reason why we exist. It keeps the world revolving, transforms, and heals. Love is freely given and not to be begged for. Some conceive that love is elusive but Paulo Coelho in his book “Manuscript Found in Accra” wrote that in order to hear love’s words, one must allow love to approach.

Peace is a state of being, originates within our core. Peace can only be attained by embracing our inner sparkle, our destined harmony in the Universe.” Elizabeth believes the Universal Power of Love and Mighty Words as greatest catalysts for World Peace.

Her parents raised her and her siblings with a deep sense of faith in God. Her love for words, she got from her late father, Roberto Natividad Castillo, for he is a frustrated journalist and loved to read books and compose poetry. “I got my strong personality on the other hand from my beautiful, loving, and very supportive mother, Elisa Esguerra Castillo.

criminal-liability_2019-05-20_23-09-43 But despite the many achievements and awards she had received, her dreams of  helping humanity has soared more and came to realisation  when she was appointed as the Regional Coordinator of Asia for the United World Movement for Children (UWMC), a humanitarian organization safeguarding children’s rights across the globe. 

elizabeth esguerra castillo final wup

 She considers herself a Fearless Wordsmith while others know her to be a Spiritual Poet and a Love Poet.

Written In the Stars (Inspired by the movie “Winter’s Tale)

They say for each person

There is a certain Miracle from within

And you are meant to be just for one person

As time draws to a close to meeting the One,

The Universe and your Spirit Guides are on your side

To help you fulfill your One True Destiny.

It’s written in the stars

And before you know it, I am coming to hold your hand

You may not know now but soon you’ll get it somehow

I may have bumped into you along life’s journey,

But you were too preoccupied with your own story

That you didn’t notice me passing you by.

If in this life, we have to say goodbye

As my soul reincarnates, I’ll meet you again in the next,

When our eyes lock as we cross our paths once more

You will know in your heart that it was me – your Destiny,

Just look at the stars on a beautiful night such as this

And know that the time is near to feel eternal bliss.

It’s written in the stars

For even when True Love is lost,

Your soul will bleed for a meaning in your life

But though the inevitable happens, searching for your One True Destiny remains

If we are yet to discover our One True Miracle,

Even time may defeat itself in order for you to see me in another lifetime.

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo Copyright May 31, 2014 Philippines

perceive translation

ade caparas manilah

ade hd woe perceptive poetry 2019




Written In The Stars

insistently your desire in me

comes like a shooting star

where, now i see, now i don’t

and my feet fly here and there

tracking routes 

by cars by trains by boats by plane

creating my Utopia

crying my own Niagara Falls

and there you UTTER, “I AM”.

ade caparas manilah

27 may 2019 sydney nsw australia


Dr Jernail S Aanand

philosophique poética  President/ Founder Poet/Philosopher




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critical analysis

Prof.  Cijo Joseph Chennelil

Director philosophique poética Critic Author Poet



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“a Woman of Essence”-Jyotirmaya Thakur

“a Woman of Essence”Jyotirmaya Thakur

 “i am devoured… i rosed above myself.”


equanimity [philosophical definition] a self-restraint calmness composure

as i am carried by a violent turbulent  sea monster,

drowning can not win over me me! __ade c.

“I developed a stoic attitude and brought equanimity to my existence. I observe the world of suffering which gave a fulfilling purpose to my life. An attitude of ‘equanimity’; calmly accepting the negative aspects of life as a natural occurrence, which  touches everyone and everything periodically, and leads to a meditative state. I look retrospectively at my life and introspectively at myself, as to what is wrong with my surroundings; truthful assessment of myself; which provides guidance as to what in my character needs adjustment. “

     Jyotirmaya  Thakur  married at the 18age to a scientist in London UK… finds herself lost in the modern world of abundance and modern facilities of London UK.

HD final fragile jyotirmaa WOE 2019

She hails from a remote village in Bihar, where the roads during the rainy season is flooded and the villages are cut off from even the basic amenities of life for months… and coming from a conservative society, she learns the remarkable beauty of ‘silence and listen’, combs every word she hears,  more especially in her origin country, India, where a girl at a very tender age is taught to overcome any prejudices  (subjective) by being self-detached; as a neglect, be subservient; a normal phenomenon for girls as a daughter, wife, mother, and even as a grandmother.  

     In Uk, she took a postgraduate certificate of teaching English at Central London Polytechnic thence her world started for a positive direction without inhibition. “Peace within is not an easy process,” she says,“love, hope, gratitude, compassion, magnanimity, humility, honour, joy, cordiality, friendliness, dignity, humour and other positive personal characteristics can’t easily change the world by themselves, rather it is to understand the why the how the when the whatever is beneficial to me in relation with the whole of humanity.”

HD final jyotirmaya w:horse WOE 2019


progress is impossible without any change 

change in life comes from inside

strength is in calmness and in clarity of mind

put the negative aside without reacting in the storm

win in calmness, in consciousness, in balance 

be like a tree full of fruits 

bowing humbly

when people throw stones ,

i oblige with fruits.


the opposite of anger is ‘to be calm in empathy

avoid all haste for patience is virtuous

calm mind adorns self-esteem and confidence

nothing gives a person more advantage than  always being cool 

calmness is cradle of power to be unruffled in all circumstances,

nothing is so serene than being cool as a pool   

don’t be a drama queen and avoid melodramas

life is full of strife and ups and downs

nothing lasts forever not even stormy days.

be at peace with yourself and let evil deal it’s rage

stay out of conflicts… be like a duck

calm on  the surface but paddling underneath    

stand your ground, be firm on your feet

Master your thoughts and never accept defeat

it is the strong mind that finds its way through

a thousand challenge of storms of difficulties

the day you let go of things that weigh you down

You will shine like the Sun silently on adversities.    

Jyotirmaya Thakur Copyright 

Asked when how why have you felt that feeling of ‘being self-detached’?

     “My knowledge, my love for less privileged, my energy of healing and my  inspiration poetry collections in books – Symphony of Peace , Melody of Love ,Rosary of Rhymes, Silhouettes of Love, Sojourn of the Soul & Canvas of the Soul, contain the message of faith , hope with compassion and empathy.  My book ‘ Rhymes Of Reality ‘, Feminine Portraits ‘ & ‘Spectrums Of Reality ‘ are about the suffering of humankind at large, showing a mirror to the society that gives me a ‘sigh of smile’ for raising my voice for the voiceless.”

   Asked what gifted talents that give her that ‘sigh of smile’ …of feeling complete…

    “ I have worked as councillor at many  charitable organizations in India and UK such as dealing with patients suffering from strokes; a school for girls in my maternal village; an NGO for widows and abandoned women;  and on drug addicted people… all these have had my hands full of satisfying and fruitful endeavours. I got connected to  Brainworks ASBISG. org. Neurological Impairments, a non profit support for caregivers, after my husband suffered three mini strokes in 2012. I thought of nothing about me, my body becomes one with them.”

Asked what how when why is LIFE LOVE PEACE…

    “This subject matter is diverse, examining humanity at an individual and societal level, with an aim of providing a template for a positive mode of human existence. Poetry is seen as having a role in this positive transformation, it permeates all society in many forms; a social force that is capable of crossing borders, putting ideas and people together in a memorable way. There is  magic in poetry that allows the genius of word ‘painters’ to illustrate the world and create. Creativity is a source of innovation, enthusiasm, experimentation and confidence, gift of talents, cycling in immense fun;  positivity and negativity  as a nature of life I learn to accept adjust with such humour and joy.

jyortiramaya WOE 2019


Faith in humanity is only solution,

When hatred shall meet annihilation,

Divisions of diversity is only illusion,

Renew our values of true definition,

Celestial bonds of trust in celebration.


Let us hope for salvation of grace,

Divine being resides in every face,

Pristine protector of soil in trace,     

Sky’s the limit of human in race,

A region beyond religion we gaze.


Let us completely surrender to love,

in a world of terror, hatred and bombs,   

Mind is full of fear in terror of crime,

But believe in life, hope and grace,

Love can be solution to a world sublime.


Let’s nurture peace with care.

Embrace all religion ,creed and race,       

Forget the differences of diversity,

Accept universal connection of entity,

Unconditional gift of peaceful harmony.


Bliss is a divine blessing of Almighty,

It is the joy of souls in unity,       

Exuberance of eternal existence,

When world is full of love infinite,

Peace will be restored in blissful rhymes.

__Jyotirmaya Thakur©®..

Asked to  poetise her philosophical thoughts:


A Reflection of inner being 

Moment to moment we move within 

Loving people attract loving beings,

Spiritual energy increases without resistance

The truth takes us closer to divine self,

 Hurting others is hurting yourself,

all are one and became many souls.

The oneness of all… WE ARE ONE.

__Jyotirmaya Thakur, copyright .

perceptive translation :

ade caparas manilah

ade hd woe perceptive poetry 2019

 *author poet designer artist 

*dotism journal producer *philosophique poética  Co-Founder



my being is in it

i control 

its reflection

my soul decides

my body feels

my spirit images

in all  my actions 

my essence outbursts

fortitude equanimity continance.


Dr Jernail S Aanand

philosophique poética  President/ Founder Poet/Philosophe


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critical analysis

Prof.  Cijo Joseph Chennelil

Director philosophique poética Critic Author Poet


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“A Woman of Essence” Zana Coven

“A Woman of Essence”

une fleur y l’essence                              

HD zana final 2 


Zana Coven 

a poet a musician a linguist an artist

a dainty fragile crystal 




connotes “quick alert” 

an essence symbol

an eagle woman…

the “unstoppable” faith in herself


“Unstoppable” [ philosophical definition]

imagine  an image of a sax player at the height of an orgasmic unprecedented scale; two lovers arriving at a plateau of no return, where no violent winds nor rains nor swirling tornadoes can ever deter them. __ade c.


      A being is inside her essence, pas l’ essence inside her being, waiting to be switch on, to be nurtured, cared to be savoured, a paragenesis discovered__and once discovered, the unlimitedness  is unstoppable… a haemorrhaging laceration bleeding till the breath is gone… to be circling rounding again a cul de sac, tracing same routes, in another unstoppable plight, in the same  intoxicating sensual percussion of pouring sweats…

zana essence symbol woe 2019Zana, a name of Greek Hebrew origin, was born in Yugoslavia during the era of marshal Tito, when everyone could access the free acquisition of education in the knowledge of arts and science and language, exacting  a very minimal fees. Yugoslavia, former federated country that existed in the west-central part of the Balkan Peninsula from 1929 until 2003, consists of six independent countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia, now is non-existence.

       Zana, the little toddler mural-led  her home walls; at 8 years old, she thrilled her family with expressive hymns of saxophone and clarinet; and never a second without her parrot talks.

     Encouraged by all the appreciations and anchors   accorded  her  by her immediate families, more especially her Mom and Dad… she stood  up into a woman of multi-varied exceptional abilities in music, painting, literature and languages.

     The eagle woman  made sure she gets what she wants. “Everything i need to know is already within me…  all i need is to trust myself and act.”

asked about LOVE… 

She thinks Life starts with Love, exits grows flourishes on love and because of love, “we gain strength in health beauty intelligence that settles us in subliminal Peace.”   The loves her parents have accorded her, inspired her in finalising all her dreams and goals…  completely undisturbed by any outside senses__ “Today I am fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, Croat, Serbian, Bosnian ( the last 3 are languages of ex Yugoslavia). I write my poetries, short stories and travel books in all of these languages; i am in my utopic world of existence.”

asked about her roots:

     “My mother was more practical, she taught me, to respect rules, not break them; be persistent, sincere, confident, serious in every endeavour; finish what i start;  daydreaming is a waste of time;  respect others to be respected; be organized; persevere… while  my Dad led me to all my artistic inclinations.”

asked about her “sigh of smile”

     “I  have tried to impart to my son the same encouragements  i  have gotten from parents; i motivate his ways of expressions that would  lead him to find ‘his place under the sun’__ today, he is a young pianist, violinist and dentist and speaking many languages.”

asked her philosophical quote:

     “I can not control the external world but I can try to control my own inner world…  whatever is in front of me, i accept flex live it with outmost joy and comfort… i am my own happiness!”

poem 1 [in her language]        

Sama sa sobom

Tek kad prestaneš da tražiš 

I okreneš se sebi 

Shvatit ćeš da sve imaš

I svo je znanje u tebi

Tek kad prestaneš da lutas

I u glupostima tražiš mir

Bit će ti potpuno jasno

da je u tebi vir

Zato je vrijeme baš

Da staneš malo i dahnes

I sebe da sebi daš

Jer inače ces da sahnes.

Z. C. 1982


poem 1  [her submitted English translation]

Alone with myself

Only when you stop to look for

And you turn to yourself

You will realize that you have all

And that all knowledge is inside you

Only when you stop to wander

And in thrifty things look for peace

It will be clear to you

That the spring is in you

So it is the high time

To stop and take a breath

To give you to yourself

Or you will ruin inside 

Z. C.

works of Zana Coven

1910192_22965535670_5797_n      1-3  1-2  unnamed

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 poem [perceptive translation by ade caparas manilah]

ade hd woe perceptive poetry 2019

Alone With Myself

knowing i knowing me

as i stop to  listen

the inner me the inner i

is  i within me.

i walk, walk and wander

seek searching 

the sun the moon the stars 

O ! whiles of spring is mine

feel my breath my heart beats

look at me

i am the me

or i shall miss the am.



Dr Jernail S Aanand

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